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08 Jul 2013

Rutger game review

Rutger Free is a simple mobile game with a fun extra feature: It allows you to build and create your own levels.

Rutger, the main character of the game, is a flying rhino with a jet pack that you have to maneuver skillfully in order to collect diamonds and precious items while avoiding falling boulders, flying bats and giant spiders.

This game has a simple gameplay but it can easily engage you as you attempt to finish levels in the fastest time possible. To play the game, simply tap and hold to see the route, and then release to move.

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It’s quite easy to maneuver Rutger to your desired pathways. Your main objective is to collect all diamonds scattered throughout the field. You’ll also have to collect the keys. The more diamonds and keys you collect, the better.

Along the way, there are obstacles as well as falling items that should be avoided. You’ll also come across flying bats and spiders that aim to devour your flying rhino. You instantly lose the game if you fail to veer away from these enemies.

It may sound easy but it actually requires a quick hand since the enemies move swiftly. To get high scores, it’s important to finish each level in the shortest time possible. Upon completing a level, you can view the time it took you to finish it and your position worldwide.

There are lots of players coming from different parts of the globe to compete with, thus increasing the motivation factor. There’s also an option to replay the level if you’re not satisfied with the results; or you can proceed to the next level immediately.

In the original levels, the game offers 20 challenging levels, each with unique, captivating titles. And in the play user levels, you can pick from several customized levels with various difficulties. As you progress through the game, there are more hurdles to overcome and more enemies to avoid but you’ll discover tricks and special moves that will help you finish the levels more quickly.

If you practice enough by replaying each level, you can earn a faster record and a higher worldwide position. What’s unique and interesting about this game is that you can actually create your very own levels.

Just validate your email address from the settings tab in order to use the level editor. Providing an email is necessary as the game server uses it to store the levels you make. Once you provide an email address, you can use the same email to access your customized levels from different devices.

Level Editor is definitely an exciting feature that adds fun value to the game. On the main menu, you’ll find four major options: Play Original Levels, Play User Levels, Create Levels and Settings. A cool animation runs in the background, and an original soundtrack plays.

You’ll also find an icon at the top that leads to the game’s official website. When you’re playing the game, there’s a screen orientation option that allows you to make the screen bigger or smaller, whichever suits your preferences.

The app is available both for android and Apple mobile devices. Rutger is a fun-filled game that offers not only simple gameplay but the ability for users to make their own levels as well. If you like popular classic games like Lode Runner, Jetpack and Boulder Dash, you should definitely try Rutger on your mobile device.

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