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Sand Slides

28 Mar 2014

Sand Slides game review

Sand Slides. Smart and clever gamer’s best choice of game is Sand Slides. Just draw the slides which are to follow the sand from the top barrel to its right pot below. Matching the sand from the top deck to the below means a lot easier game, but the timing the sand fills in the top deck and the flow of the sand according to the time match is a big deal in Sand Slides.

Starts in a very simple way, but the heat rises up when the levels increases.

Developers have optimized this game to enjoy in all the IOS 5. 0 or later compatible devices like in the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

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Sand Slides screenshots

I’m an Apple freak. Right from my music player till my laptop and computer, I have Apple’s devices. Just the same way, i love to play the games in my iPad and my iPhone with extreme enthusiasm and love of it.

And that too Sand Slides in my iPad is an awesome game to experience and compare my scores and level with my friends too. Spectacular Graphics as usually with a simple concept with a fantastic and realistic figure gesture play mode.

I’m very much an addict now. The main reason behind this successful game is the idea behind the game and the state of the art graphics. I bought it for £1. 49 nearly $2 but I can surely promise that the game will 100% will experience the world of this game.

Very entertaining game it is, because I forgot the time which I spent with this game. Available in five other languages (French, German, Italian, Japan and Spanish) including English. A must play and a must have game for those who have any latest iOS 5. 0 in their devices.

With a small, smart move just drawing the line which helps the colored sand to fill the bottom box makes you to earn more points to improve the skills. I am still enjoying this game with the complete satisfaction along with better quality.

I shared this awesome game with my friends. And of course I am still playing this game trying to complete the levels as smart as possible. Sand Slides are a very nice game which attracts the most non-gamers as well.

The main drawback is the game capacity, which sometimes pauses the ongoing game which is of-course an easily rectified by either restarting the game from the saved level or my stopping the background apps or any unwanted programs.

Sand Slides is a fantastic game for both iPhone and iPad thought I enjoy the most in iPad, big screen and easy fingering feature is the added advantage. After I downloaded Sand Slides, I completely forgot other games and apps which I have downloaded in my iPad.

Sand Slides are really a fantastic game which will surely make you slide along with it to win the game in the end. A must have game which I give 5 out of 5 as its rating and I’m recommending it for the enjoyment and the smart moves game lovers.

Have happy Sand Slides.

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