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Saturday Morning RPG

05 Dec 2013

Saturday Morning RPG game review

This game is based on young student Marty who has a visual allusion regarding the wicked Commander Hood who abducts his sweetheart. At first Marty has no chance of competing with the evil Commander and his side kicks.

However, in an interesting twist a mysterious character named The Wizard comes into play with a magical book and various mystical, powerful and helping items.

Given these items Marty finds that they can assist him in his adventures through the empire to help rescue his sweetheart. This is a fantastic game and as the player discovers during the course of playing the game Marty comes into his own and discovers that he has great abilities and powers which give him the strength to help him find his friend.

Saturday Morning RPG::by Mighty Rabbit Studios Saturday Morning RPG::by Mighty Rabbit Studios Saturday Morning RPG::by Mighty Rabbit Studios Saturday Morning RPG::by Mighty Rabbit Studios Saturday Morning RPG::by Mighty Rabbit Studios

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Initially the central character is not strong enough to fight but eventually The Wizard comes to his aid. The Wizard educates Marty in the fine arts of fighting and after presenting him with the mysterious items The Wizard tells him to go and save his sweetheart. The game is a combination of entertaining, traditional yet surprising features. The Wizard has an abundance of knowledge which he shares with Marty in order to help him which adds to the fun and revelation of many surprises throughout the game.

The features within the game are very addictive and make the player want to return. The player is given the chance to opt for various modes of play such as making the central characters ability of destruction much higher or a choice of weapons to attack and defend with. These however cost valuable points. The more the player manages to defend the more they can build up their stock of points and replenish the ones lost whilst in combat.

The fighting section’s of the game are very similar to that of traditional fantasy games. There are the options to change the way the central character fights in order to cause more destruction. With regards to defending the commands to achieve this successfully must be timed impeccably. If the character is advantageous in defence then his power is replenished allowed him the ability to attack more.

Imagination and intellect must be used in the best way to progress in this game and pick which is the best way to beat the opposition. As the players advances through the stages the abilities increase accordingly. Any money lost by the opposition can be accumulated by Marty to buy more weapons.

Whilst essentially this is a battle game of attack between the player’s character and the opposition, thought and consideration must be taken into play in order to succeed.

In order to achieve this precision must be taken with the controls when both attacking and defending. Defending successfully must be controlled at just the right time. This is detrimental or will not work.

The game does exactly what it say’s, it is entertaining, flows well, full of popular traditional element and best of all it costs nothing. It has a fantastic reminiscence of the 1980’s to it which I really enjoyed and added to the entertainment value of the game. I certainly give this game approval.

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