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Save the Blowfish

30 May 2014


Save the Blowfish game review

If you want to test your strategy and speed skills in a fun way, let me give you Save the Blowfish.

This is a really fun game that will keep you having fun all the way. Here´s the background of the game. There is this nice blowfish. The big bad gangster fish wants to eat him so he needs your desperate help. What is the main purpose of the game?: Keep the blowfish within the corals.

The small blowfish needs your help to stay inside the corals. How do you do this? Just swipe on the screen or touch the screen to make the blowfish move and keep him from moving away from the corals.

Save the Blowfish::By awaboom s.r.o. Save the Blowfish::By awaboom s.r.o.

Save the Blowfish screenshots

So you must have a keen eye and a good sense of direction here. Practice how to do so several times. Don´t worry, you will get skilled when you have practiced plenty. If you note, the interface of the game is pretty nice and smooth.

The blowfish will not stop moving once you get it started. Move on through adding points until you get a higher score every time. So let´s begin with the very first beginning. Here´s your scared fish waiting for you to keep him inside.

Tap or swipe on the screen to set it into motion. This will also activate a series of coral to move up and down on the sides. These are the ones that are going to keep your blowfish inside. Move the fish around by colliding it against these corals.

But make sure you have a collision strategy as the blowfish will not stop moving! Swipe around and every time you save the fish, you will be scoring big. On your first game, you will be asked to submit your name; don´t worry, this is just with the purpose of comparing your score with everyone else’s.

So step up to your game and try to beat the highest scores! You can play this game with your family and friends. Make contests to see who reaches a highest score within your friends and family. This game will surely put smiles on your faces, not to mention the tons of fun you will get.

Remember that this fish is weak and it needs your help, so help them to avoid the bad fish and get eaten. But this fish is also very sneaky as it moves pretty fast. It is definitively a great way to proof how fast you are at swiping.

This without considering that you will also exercise your brain as you will be enhancing your strategy abilities and fast thinking. Install this game now and you will be in for a great gaming time. Once again, do not worry if you fail many times the first ones.

You will surely turn into a master with practice. Best thing is that you will have fun while you are at it. Sounds like a lots of fun, right? That´s because it is. Save the fish from the bad ones and enjoy being a savior to this little fella.

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