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Save the Snail HD

14 May 2014

Save the Snail HD game review

The poor, fragile, helpless and small little snails need your help.

They have lost their way and need to move along with tackling many threats to their very life. It is not possible for them to save their own life. So, you my friend need to Save the snail HD. This is the name of the very new and interesting puzzle game available at the iTunes store for free.

This lovely new game concept asks you to help the snails in three ways – first, you need to help them avoid the dangerous traps that would come in their way.

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Second, they need to be protected from the super hot and burning sunbeams. This can be done by covering them with different objects. Also, you need to hide them and keep them safe for there are rocks falling on them which would crush them to death.

Save the snail HD presents you with dozens of puzzles that you would need to solve and keep going and saving those fragile and pitiful snails. The game introduces you to the world of insects. You would explore different objects and creatures while saving those little beings.

Also, Save the snail HD tickles your mind with some extremely difficult puzzles that are formed to test your logical thinking skills. The mission of the game is to save the snails. But this isn’t all. You would also need to try to get three stars as many times as possible as that would let you maintain a higher ranking in the gaming world of Save the snail HD.

How would you actually get the stars? There are three ways through which you get stars. First star is awarded when you accomplish the main mission i. e. save the snails. Second star comes when you collect the maximum bonus objects that keep popping up while you continue to play.

The third and the most difficult to win star is awarded to the player when he gets successful I am beating the time limit. That isn’t easy at all. The amazing puzzle game is loaded with many more features.

The easy control features and simple game play are the best of all of them. You can discover more than 30 new objects while playing the game. There are eleven levels in the game along with three difficulty modes.

You can test your skills with all three modes. The concept of the game makes use of realistic physics and it is fun to discover all those hidden knowledgeable things in the game. The hand painted graphics gives a different look to the game which makes it stand out of the crowd of puzzle games in the iTunes.

Do you need a different and fun to play game which you can show off in front of your friends? Do you want a game that would allow you to test your logical and mental ability skills along with the fun of playing games?

Are you the soft hearted and courageous person who would step forward to save those helpless creatures? If you are, go get Save the snail HD

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