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Shiny Pearls

04 Mar 2014

Shiny Pearls game review

New to the iPhone gaming scene is a wonderful new entry: Shiny Pearls.

Shiny Pearls is a well thought out game of color matching and strategy, where the player must achieve color star combinations to score points and progress through levels of gameplay.

The game is set as you might expect, in the ocean, where you are surrounded by a sea of pearls, and your object is to shoot up rows of brightly colored stars to create multiple combinations of colors.

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You might think something of a Galaga style game play where your character, a friendly looking octopus shoots bubbles upwards towards the stars to make them change color. In addition, the rows of stars which advance are also containing friends of the little octopus.

The little octopus can free his friends by shooting out the red stars and then shooting a bubble of air to the friend to let them escape. Toward the end of levels, are the bosses. The boss is an evil octopus that wants to come down and see the little octopus's life run out, which happens when the energy bar is depleted.

To defeat the boss, the little octopus must fully charge the energy bar. The shooter that the little octopus uses in Shiny Pearls, can be modified to shoot one or more stars, depending on the multiplier combo bar.

The maximum amount of stars that can be shot are 4x, but the multiplier bonus will decrease over time. As you play in the game and achieve objectives, such as freeing friends or shooting combos of multicolored stars, you will advance from round to round in each level.

It is not complicated to get through the first few rounds, but as with any game, it does start to get more increasingly difficult. You will have an increasing limited amount of time, so you want to try to shoot as many stars for color combinations as fast as possible.

It is always essential to save your friends, this will help you to move from level to level. Overall, I find that the style of gameplay is well suited for young people, and challenging enough to keep us older folks playing the game.

The main bosses will try to thwart your efforts in the game, by also changing the color of the stars that are sent to the little octopus to shoot out, so it is of concern to try and shoot the stars with some strategy and keep an eye out for the stars that are coming from behind.

The objective of the game is to group as many same colored stars as possible, so that when these are shot by the little octopus, the more bonus (life) is rewarded and thus the longer you can play. If you are not able to clear all the stars needed in a round, then the game is over.

Fortunately, you can start the game again from the same position you started from, so you do not need to play all rounds again. There is a surprisingly large amount of activity going on, so there is a certain gaming "rush" with this game, but one I am sure that younger people will appreciate.

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