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Shredder Chess

27 Oct 2013

Shredder Chess game review

Shredder Chess is the fantastic release by the developers Eiko, Bleicher, Skizzix. com.

Shredder Chess is what the name suggests – a great Chess app. If you are a fan of chess then this is the app for you. Or even if you are new to chess but like problem solving strategic games then you should definitely give this game a try. 

On first glance I was very impressed with the way this app was illustrated. Chess is a very old traditional game and I was pleased to see that the developers made the decision to stick to traditional colours and design with the graphics of this game.

Shredder Chess::By Eiko Bleicher Shredder Chess::By Eiko Bleicher Shredder Chess::By Eiko Bleicher Shredder Chess::By Eiko Bleicher

Shredder Chess screenshots

Browns and beiges were chosen which complimented the game very nicely. Each of the chess pieces where clearly depicted so you can see which piece was which and this I found would have helped stop confusion when taking moves and getting the pieces mixed up which I have found happens in other games of this genre.

At the bottom of the screen all the tabs are featured and clearly labelled which helps make taking moves and actions very easy indeed. In this game you play against Shredder who can play as the world chess champion or as the typical person and will make errors like a normal person would in the game.

I found this quite good as depending on your chess ability and how much of a challenge you fancied you could tailor this to suit your needs. There are over a 100 different chess puzzles to chose from so you will never get bored of this app and there are hours and hours of game play.

Other than just a game, this app is also a training program. If you make mistakes in certain area’s Shredder will pick up on this and offer you advice on how to improve. I found this a great little feature and would be perfect for someone fond of chess who played in a club.

All of the scores are tracked and monitored so you can see how you develop and improve as a chess player and you can also see the areas in which you need to improve. It really is a great training app. When playing the game I did not come across any problems at all and found that it run smoothly.

The controls were very easy to understand and easy to use. Whilst I was not a chess professional before playing this game I soon found myself enthralled and after only a short period of time my chess skills were improving.

I liked the fact you could alter the settings to suit your own abilities. The fact games could be saved and come back to at a later stage was also another great feature. Chess can sometimes take a while to play so its good to know your hard work will not go to waste should you have to stop playing a game before you have finished it.

I really was very impressed with this app and would highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of strategic games and enjoys a challenge. The feedback is particularly helpful and I would say this is so much more than a game but also a training program.

I was very impressed.

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