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Sinky Up - A Deadly Mission Featured

17 Jan 2015

Sinky Up - A Deadly Mission

This game is an awesome adventure, the game is about not letting your person die, and keep him alive to not let touch the ground or evil creatures. The game is playable on the Ipod touch and Iphone with an IOS 6.1 or higher.

 Sinky the character needs to be liften up by the person behind the device, it needs to stay high and needs to go to the directions the user wants. He can help Sinky by tapping under him, this is how he stays alive.

Sinky Up - A Deadly Mission::By Arun Tuladhar Sinky Up - A Deadly Mission::By Arun Tuladhar Sinky Up - A Deadly Mission::By Arun Tuladhar

Sinky Up - A Deadly Mission Screenshots

The game is about getting a high score and beat it when you died. The game is very addictive to beat your own score or scores from friends. The game can be found in the app store and you can challenge friends by connecting to the game center from Apple.

When you challenge friends this game will automatically be more amazing than when you played it solo. It will be more fun and harder to beat your own high score or the high scores of your friends. The goal of the games is to collect all the fruits and stay in the air, if you touches the ground or the evil characters (recognised by black creatures with pointy things) if you do this your points will go up and the level where you are in will also rise.

This game can be played by children because there is no violence in this game, it is child friendly. What do children like more than a game which challenge themselves or others. The game is free so if you do not believe me test it yourselves. It is really awesome how such app is made, I have never seen an app like this before. To get more points and not to die you have to be smart and you have to be patience, act to fast and you die. Act to slow and you will die, this game is really challenging the people behind the screens.

There are a lot of levels you can check out and lots of medals to achieve. You can get a bronze/ silver or gold medal. Everyone wants to get the gold one so you can keep on training yourselves and when you finally got it you can go to the next level. It is a free app with no obligations for payments. Your children or yourselves can enjoy the app whenever you like, if you have an apple device.

I would recommend this app to children but also adults to have fun while playing a challenging app. You will get addicted to beat your own high score of a high score of someone else (a friend).


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