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Ski Safari

13 Oct 2013

Ski Safari game review

Recently there have been many really impressive runners and Ski Safari looks as if it is to carry on with this reign on really good games. The illustrations are just excellent and the commands are good and easy to use.

The story behind the game is fabulous and certainly ticks all the correct boxes for a game such as this. It is well worth having a look at. You must try to continue for as long as possible as you are challenge by an avalanche whilst hurtling down an ongoing hill.

The game tests the player’s endurance. In order to succeed you must increase your velocity whilst scoring points at the same time and continue to do so for as long as you can.

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To increase the velocity at which you race down the slope with you much perform a number of different tasks or by accumulating different types of vehicles which vary from a penguin and other animals to a more impressive snow mobile! To make the game even more of a challenge you will be presented with numerous hurdles along the way such as large boulders which will attempt to hinder your progress. This is a very entertaining game that provides a constant challenge between yourself and the attacking avalanche. The way the game works and its speed is a little different from other runners I have come across but regardless of this it still manages to create a great sense of adrenaline and excitement.

This is a fabulous all rounder which provides a lot of entertainment. If this type of game is new to you then you will find it very enjoyable, however, if you are a fan of this type of game you will find it far from original and will have similarities to many other games of this type.

Within the game, all that is required of you is to hurtle down an ongoing slope whilst attempting to avoid the onslaught of a treacherous avalanche. You spend a majority of your time on skis but if you are lucky enough to catch one of the other vehicles mentioned earlier along the way you can use these to your advantage and make yourself go much more quickly. In order to jump, all that is required of the controls is a simple tap and then additional contact to the screen can make your player do impressive slips. If you managed to get back on the slope triumphantly then your player will be rewarded by being able to speed up again. If however you unfortunately fall over then you must keep on tapping the screen until you regain your balance.

Unfortunately and like a majority of games of this genre, the concluding event will be when you crash and its race over! The important thing is your score! The aim of the game is to get a highest score as possible. You can attempt to score extra points by doing the aforementioned flips and successful lands. The player is also presented with three things they must accomplish such as flipping whilst on a particular vehicle.

Commands are very simple and easy to use. Touching the screen and simple taps is all it takes. Successful completion of these moves will result in the change to increase your speed and gain a higher score. Whilst playing the game, if you manage to succeed in performing a certain amount of flips then you can released and introduce a variety of new vehicles to the game and this will in turn give you the opportunity to get an even higher score.

This game is just fantastic. It is easy enough to use from the start but also has enough going on to keep you engrossed in this fabulous game. The additional tricks and challenges presented within the game are an added bonus. This is a classic in the making to join the rest of the fabulous games in your collection.

The game is illustratively perfect, with an easy and simple to use control scheme. It is an all round entertaining game worth a bit of your time and attention. If the next fabulous runner game is on your list of games to buy then this is the one.

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