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Sky Gnomes

18 Oct 2013

Sky Gnomes game review

It really does require the ability to be ingenious in order to be recognised as something in different when it comes to games available in the App store, however, this game certainly has new visionary potential about it.

The competition can be played with numerous online players taking part with the extra addition of being able to try and beat previous high scores by previous players adding further to the rivalry of this game.

The aim of the game initially is a speed competition in the form of sky descent in machines piloted by gnomes. The players do not just play against friends or contacts but random people from all over the globe.

Sky Gnomes::by Foursaken Media Sky Gnomes::by Foursaken Media Sky Gnomes::by Foursaken Media Sky Gnomes::by Foursaken Media Sky Gnomes::by Foursaken Media

Sky Gnomes screenshots

The game takes place within cylinders which are restricted visuals to the walls. The player’s job is to move the gnome within his machine in all directions in an attempt to miss obstacles, pick up money, pass clearance sections and finally pilot down onto the end stage of the game. Whilst playing the game the central character will fall.

During falling there will be the opportunity to collect bonus items which come in the form of snow flakes. Once these have been accumulated they will credit the played with the ability to move faster whilst combination moves will provide a thrust.

Every 24 h ours a new host of contestants are available to be competed against. The central character is placed in his machine and piloted very quickly around the level whilst trying to avoid further obstacles, accumulate bonus items, and attempt to ground the machine before the rest of the opposition.

There are numerous competitions to take part in and as each competition is completed, this will give the player access to the next. In total there are four competitions to partake in.

Each competition has its own level of difficulty, subject matter and duration. The make the competition fair, the players are put into categories with other players who achieved similar results. These become the player’s opposition and they must race against them in order to try and beat them.

If the player is triumphant then the prizes are bigger. Scoring of each competition is divided by the players speed and where they came in the race, how well they managed to ground their machine and number of items accumulated along the way. There is also the chance to be able to choose a part for your machine at some part during the game. Ultimately the player must try and beat the opposition to earn rewards. If you beat your biggest threat then you get even more prizes.

The stages of play are relatively simple however some parts become more difficult as the game progresses. The difficulties come in the form of obstacles to try and slow your place such as severe climate changes which will try and hinder the player’s progress. To balance it out there are also opportunities to increase the player’s ability by helping the machine become more competent in the form of gadgets to help it go faster and accumulate more bonus prizes along the way.

All I can say is that this game is a very entertaining speed competition which is unique in its format.

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