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Smashing Egg Tido

22 Mar 2014

Smashing Egg Tido ! game review

Maybe it was because I was never picked first in choosing teams at the local soccer field when I was a kid, or maybe it could be due to the fact that I was into superhero comic books, but I have always been rooting for the underdog, helping the little guy to get an advantage.

I think this is why I have taken to a game now available in the iTunes Store for the iPhone and iPad, that is fun to play and makes you feel like you're helping out the little guy. 

The game I am talking about is called Smashing Egg Tido, and it is a fun action adventure game, based around a character called Tido, an inspiring egg whose main motivation is to keep from being turned into an omelette.

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Tido, however, is not your normal everyday egg. Tido has the capability of fighting back, and destroying his attackers and the big bosses at each level that want to cook him with some onions. One of the things I like about this game, is that it is a top-down third person action game, that is a scrolling type of game that allows you to move in any direction using either your finger to draw a path on your iPhone or iPad screen, or you can also use the built-in joystick control.

This game has multiple playing fields that you can select from when starting the game, for example, you can choose to play on grass, or on the ice. There are also settings which control how fast the attackers in the game will move about trying turn Tido into a tasty morsel.

Tido, in addition to being nimble, can also attack the chefs that are trying to get him, by consuming various foods to earn powerups, which Tido can then use to defend and eliminate the chefs from the playing field.

Of course, no action game is complete without a big boss and this game is no exception, for each level, which is a field, has it's own big boss that Tido will have to contend with and battle against. The graphics in the game are really good, and due to the top-down viewing of the game, the controls are easy, and fun to use.

As you progress in the game, if you survive, you will earn points which can be redeemed for new powerups that give you a fighting chance to survive. All along the way, there are help tips and instructions that guide you in how to play the game, which is nice.

Both kids and adults will take quickly to this game because it is addictive and fun to play and has very short learning curve, so anyone can play this game, since the premise is pretty simple, just keep from being fried by the chefs in the game.

I recommend this application, it is low cost on the iTunes store and loads of fun. You may buy it for your kids, but I think adults will find themselves playing this game because it is a good time killer.

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