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Snow Daze Game

15 Jun 2013

Snow Daze Game game review

If you have ever played "Snake" the timeless game first introduced on Nokia mobile phones, then you know that this simple little game of avoiding getting boxed into a wall, was extremely addictive.

You could play that game for hours and never seem to get tired of it.

There is a new game available for the iPad called "Snow Daze" and it is a totally new concept in this genre of "avoid the object or get killed" kind of game. The concept of the game Snow Daze is simple.

Snow Daze Game::By Ulrik Motzfeldt Snow Daze Game::By Ulrik Motzfeldt Snow Daze Game::By Ulrik Motzfeldt Snow Daze Game::By Ulrik Motzfeldt

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You are in control of a small blue ball, and with this ball, you tap on snowflakes that appear and disappear on the virtual gameboard. The blue ball will travel from one point on the screen to the target that was selected.

Where you tap on the screen, the blue ball will travel to that point. Your objective is to tap on the snowflakes that appear, and the blue ball will absorb these snowflakes. You need to continue tapping snowflakes to gain points and Snow Bucks.

Mixed up in the snowflakes is red balls, which you must avoid at all costs. If you tap a point on the gameboard to move to, i. e. you tap a snowflake to absorb, the blue ball will move in a straight line to that position.

While the blue ball is moving to the new point if a red ball strikes or otherwise comes in contact with a blue ball, the game is over. As the round progresses, there are more and more red balls that are put onto the gameboard, and these red balls move randomly on the game board.

Like the "Snake" game mentioned earlier, you need to avoid hitting these red balls, or you will end up having a short game. The Snow Bucks that you can collect in the game, are a virtual currency used, that allows you to buy different kinds of powerups, such as spawning additional amounts of snow flakes that let you collect more points and Snow Bucks.

You can also purchase additional abilities like the "Invincible" mode, which makes you invincible in the game for a short amount of time. As you are playing, you will occasionally see a powerup appear, which is represented by a green ball with a question mark.

If you tap on the powerup, the blue ball will move to the powerup and award you with a special ability for a short amount of time. Be aware, however, that one of the powerups that are put on to the gameboard, is actually a dud, and does not do anything.

The risk in this game, is that it becomes increasingly challenging to move around the board because the amount of red balls that you have to avoid, keep increasing at regular intervals. This style of gameplay in the Snow Daze game is very good and extremely addicting.

If you have quick reflexes, or want to improve your visual spatial reflexes, then this is the game for you. The graphics and sound are pleasant, and it is fun to try to beat your best high scores.

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