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Spectral Souls

28 Dec 2013

Spectral Souls game review

Spectral Souls – Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires is a tactical role playing game designed for all of the latest Apple technology.

It is set in a fantasy world called Neverland, where humans and demons both exist. Wars have been fought for many years between both species, with varying results.

The magical year is 1053 and the humans have control of the planet, demons are rising from the shadows to destroy the villages and come to power.

Spectral Souls::By HyperDevbox Japan Spectral Souls::By HyperDevbox Japan Spectral Souls::By HyperDevbox Japan Spectral Souls::By HyperDevbox Japan Spectral Souls::By HyperDevbox Japan

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Naiz, the character under your control starts the story by finding a ruined village, and goes to investigate. After a misunderstanding and a rough encounter, Naiz makes some friends who help him on his journey to discover who is behind the attacks.

Naiz goal is to stop the evil demons from destroying more innocent villages and taking control of the world! As the game is started a cut scene begins with a quick overview of the game and a brief introduction to the main characters.

The video game has a classic anime style to it with lots of bright colours and precise detail to the portraits and creatures. The main menu will be displayed after the animation and four options will be available.

The tutorial is highly recommended for new players to get used to the controls. The game is very complex at some stages and knowing all of the available actions can help a lot when starting the campaign.

Within the options it is possible to change the controls, sound and video settings. The continue button will only be available if you have previously saved a game and wish to continue from the last checkpoint.

Spectral Souls has the ability to save eight games, one of them being a dedicated auto-save slot. The final option on the menu is starting a new game. The start of the game guides you through the first few minutes and sets the scene.

You gain control of your character in combat. The game is turn based and has no time limits for taking your go. The bottom left side of the screen has four arrow buttons, this will move your character (or the screen that you have selected) in the direction you press.

The ‘A’ button is the select button, when on a menu use this button to make your choice from the menu and confirm. The ‘B’ button is the cancel button and takes you back to the previous screen or cancels the action. ‘C’ and ‘D’ both show and hide various statistics and menus on the screen.

The ‘select’ button will help you change the view of the battlefield and also using your finger to swipe in different directions will change the camera angles. Spectral Souls is a huge game with great graphics and highly detailed and complex gameplay.

It is directed towards the more serious gamer who likes a challenge and in depth storyline. The application has many special features and with the turn based gameplay you will need a very good tactical understanding to complete the later levels.

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