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11 Jun 2014

Speedathon game review

Do you really want to test your memory? Sequential or reactions? Speedathon will give you an exciting experience to fulfill all aspects of game play in one go. Speedathon gives a challenging face of playing iOS games on a healthy note. The game offers different stages that subject from easy to difficult level, depending upon the gamers’ capacity. It includes four different modes with reliable ranking system which have been described in the following few paragraphs.

Speed: It is one of the important ranking system of game play that includes hitting light buttons in an orderly manner to increase the score. As soon as you increase the speed of pressing buttons, a greater number of lights hit work to trigger the score.

Speedathon::By Jari Pihlajamäki Speedathon::By Jari Pihlajamäki Speedathon::By Jari Pihlajamäki Speedathon::By Jari Pihlajamäki

Speedathon screenshots

Sequence rate: To explore your presence of mind play the sequence stage that makes you familiar with the different patterns or designs that comes recurrently on the screen. Whether it is cubes, triangles or circle, you need to follow the concept given over the screen flashing from left to right in the same order. The option of pausing the game helps considerably in taking a break while playing the game. Attention to details is important or you may lose the game because you may run short of time.

Reacting phase: This particular stage in the game gives an individual the ability to make a detailed assessment on how fast he/she is reacting to the changing concept of designs and patterns given over the screen. As soon as the light comes, one should press the button immediately without any inhibition. After passing 10 phases of reaction, you get the average noted time in milliseconds.

Memory: This is one of the most challenging phase in game helping an individual to test the memory for repeated patterns that appear in a random manner. As soon as the patterns complete, one should immediately press the button to achieve the desired score set for passing the requisite level. This will help an individual in the assessment of how good is the memory while playing a certain level of the game.

In technical terms, speedathon works out to be a four-in one game pack. It gives the user a chance to enjoy simple as well as difficult levels giving higher amount of sharpness and effective memory to retain skills. Ultimately, the game rests upon pressing the different light buttons to pass on the basic level of game play techniques. The game uses animal metaphors to help the user score appropriately at different levels.

For example, if you score less in a game you would fall into the category of the snail. When your score is on the higher edge, you might fall into the cheetah category. Besides this, you may compare your score on line with other game players to test gaming abilities to other. It is a highly concentrated game play format that requires no disturbance or distraction. The particular game is highly compatible with diverse iOS devices. The game is available in a paid version at cost effective prices.

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