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Spell Collapse

13 Aug 2013

Spell Collapse game review

Do you want to try a different game? How about trying a word game? We, the iPhone users, have always been very keen to try out new and different kind of games.

Obviously, we all are fed up of the games like running, strategy etc and all we need at such a time is a new gaming concept. Well, word games aren’t new but Spell Collapse would provide you an extremely different experience, thereby fulfilling your thirst for something new and exciting.

Based on an awesome idea along with a very well planned execution, this game would be loved by anyone and has proved to cause addiction. Once you enter the world of this game, you would find it really very difficult to stop yourself from playing spells collapse.

Spell Collapse::By Glenn Nissen Spell Collapse::By Glenn Nissen Spell Collapse::By Glenn Nissen Spell Collapse::By Glenn Nissen Spell Collapse::By Glenn Nissen

Spell Collapse screenshots

In the game, you need to select and arrange different letters to spell words. It sounds easy and boring, right? But once you start playing it, ‘easy’ and ‘boring’ would be converted into ‘challenging’ and ‘interesting’ for sure.

The more words you spell the more rewards you earn. There is a board consisting of a hexagonal grid that gets filled up as you discover new words in the game. Beware, you need to make sure that the tiles do not reach the top else you may lose the game.

The best part of the game is that it’s really easy to learn but at the same it is the most challenging game ever as it is directly aimed to test your mind skills. You would need to turn yourself into a strategy king/queen in case you want that scary board cleared and beat the high score.

There are more than 44 achievements available in the game along with an option to choose from three modes – expert, hard & easy. You can also enjoy some powerups in case you discover rare words. Who doesn’t love the score multipliers?

You can easily get your scores multiplied by guessing longer words. You also get bonus points when you clear large areas on the board. There are hundreds of rewards for you. The unique part of this game is that it supports more than 150,000 words which can be up to 20 letters long.

There is hardly any word app available that supports so many words. There are lots of extra challenges that are available in the game. The power ups include a joker that allows you to use any letter, a sweeper that lets you swap the positions with other tiles, a bomb that allows you to destroy surrounding tiles & also a super cool slicer that would destroy diagonal or horizontal rows of tiles.

The game is available for both iPhone and iPad users. Spell collapse is a game that one cannot miss. No matter what kind of games you like playing, you do need to try this one. It might seem boring initially, but once you start playing it, you won’t be able to leave this game as it is too addicting and amazing.

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