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14 Oct 2013

Spellsword game review

This is a game influenced by its very poplar predecessor Super Crate Box. Due to the fact that this game was influenced by such a popular game I was keen to see if it could meet up to its expectations and very excitingly it did just that.

We were very eager to try Spellsword as soon as it was released. Whilst its influence highlighted this game and brought it to the public eye the actual game itself certainly did it justice.

This game has come on leaps and bounds compared to traditional action platform games. The game is set in a stadium where the player, as the name suggests, has a weapon in the form of a sword and must endeavour to fight off the opposition.

Throughout the game magical cards are produced. These come into use straight away in the form of firing out big balls of fire, contaminate the opposition during play or simply take control of the enemy’s movements and making them have no choice but to slow down.

Spellsword::by Everplay Interactive Spellsword::by Everplay Interactive Spellsword::by Everplay Interactive Spellsword::by Everplay Interactive Spellsword::by Everplay Interactive

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Once the player has managed to destroy one of the opposition they leave behind money which you may collect and spend on improvements.

There are two different types of stages contained within this game. The first stage is a mission mode where a target must be reached which may include the playing having to destroy a certain amount of opposition, accumulating so many magical cards or even just managing to stay in play for a certain amount of time. The second mode of play is called Endless mode which basically is a mode whereby the game will go on for as long as the player manages to survive.

Currently there are three individual levels of the game accessible but the creators have hinted at the fact that in due course there may be some more made available. Within each level there are various dangers which included moving balls with sharp pricks on them, or the floor may begin to move. Each of these features make the game play more exciting and entertaining adding to your adrenaline as you attempt to overcome these obstacles whilst continuing to attack the opposition.

There are 20 assignments allocated to each of the three different levels. The player will be in charge of the pioneer commanding him as he makes his way through the game accumulating the magical cards whilst trying to fight off the continuing attacks of the enemy. One of the magical cards which can be collected is a spell card and this will enable the player to perform a spell and in addition alter the sword that they hold at the time.

One such spell the player may stumble across can shoot a ball of fire towards a group of enemies. Another may create an environmental change in the form of a strong gale as the player strikes his sword. One spell may contaminate every person in the game at the time and the player can do nothing to stop this. There are so many different magical cards to accumulate during play and as the game progresses then new cards are brought in as well.

A majority of the time, the attacks which take place against the player tend to be one on one with the enemy swooping around and descending at a great speed. The players weapon however is very good at fighting off this attacks and instantly are responsive to the magical cards which have been collected on the way.

The play must complete the mission mode initially, finishing numerous tasks which may include managing to stay alive for a certain amount of time or destroying a particular amount of enemies in order to get more money, magical cards and articles to upgrade their characters strengths.

The improvements which can be made on the players character will help improve their abilities such as they way the magical cards can be used, extra well being, limitations to the amount of card let go and such like. On account of the opposition letting go of money when they have been destroyed, this sets a basis for the whole game. The whole thing becomes very economical. More money equates to being able to go a stage higher and improve certain factors such as your sword. Money can also be used to purchase additional weaponry.

Whilst the features within this game are not overpowering, they are however strong enough to engross you in the game. This is a fantastic game and those who like action RPG’s will love this.

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