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14 Aug 2013

Squaregatory game review

Squaregatory is a new arcade and entertainment game from Intrepid Kid, LLC. This type of game is compatible with a lot of devices which is what you can make you relax with its amazing features and applications.

The game supports the GameCenter feature for leaderboards and achievements. It is a great game that has a sophisticated twist of physics and gets the game back to its elemental roots.

All you have to do is to tilt the mobile device you are using with the support of the accelerometer, glide a small cube from point A to point B, as you would coax an ice cube on a flat surface.

Squaregatory::By Intrepid Kid, LLC Squaregatory::By Intrepid Kid, LLC Squaregatory::By Intrepid Kid, LLC Squaregatory::By Intrepid Kid, LLC Squaregatory::By Intrepid Kid, LLC

Squaregatory screenshots

And then you can move your game strategically and then break down the cubes which leave the screen. The features that are seen in the game include the a 60 unique and challenging stages, grouped into 3 chapters (Collapse, Downfall and Oblivion, Gamecenter and Achievements enabled Squaregatory which is essentially a classic arcade game and a minimalistic and unconventional design The game has become what a lot of mobile users are making use of as a means of entertainment.

This is because of the great applications and features that has made the game cool. When you want a game that is technical and yet simple, you can make use of this game for yourself. The interface is designed to be friendly.

The graphic of the game gives iPhone and iPad users a great advantage because they are the ones who have the exciting features to benefit. The developers has made the game very exciting that there are lots of mechanical features that are used while playing the game.

The new game modes are easily to enjoy and have fewer complaint by the users. The game is designed to be effective and efficient while you play your game. The game has become the favorite of those who would want to enjoy a free leisure when you need space.

It is an intuitive and simple to play with when it comes to its control. The newer versions come with so many modes that would give any player that exciting challenge and varieties. It is very polished and has so much to offer to anyone who would want to waste time and play the game.

Squaregatory has become a game that a lot of people are playing all over the world because of the addictive nature of the game. Squaregatory is a game you cannot afford to miss if you are a user of iPhone and iPad because of the exciting features that you cannot do without.

It is a game that has become very popular and cool when you a game lover. The game turns your device to be an entertainment center whenever you are free as you find ways of playing down the squares and leaving them in oblivion.

The technicalities in the game is not difficult to master which is why you cannot have problem playing it any day any time.

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Download Squaregatory from iTunes

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