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12 Jun 2014

Squirly game review

Are you in search of exciting, funny and challenging games that give you the real world experience of the rocking world of Android?

Do you wish to explore the best options for 2D graphics supporting the best form of graphics, audio or visual effects with ultimate game plan using beautiful characters? Your best option is Squirly, which allows you to feed the hungry family of squirrels with nuts.

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Squirly screenshots

The paid version of the game is actually reasonable to buy and plan as per a user's liking. It is one of the funny games with unforgettable animal characters giving a delightful experience to the user. It includes different age of squirrels that can be seen in flying and running mode over the screen, who are found to be living in a happy and magical forest with the fellow squirrels. The game begins with the swooping angry birds that are intentionally working to harm a squirrel family living in the forest. To counterfeit the relative issues the brave squirrel fights back. As a result, accidentally he falls into the trap of wild jungles full of dogs, snakes, monkeys, and big trees.

The gamers’ task is to help the squirrel move out of the dreadful trap through dodging and escaping the enemies and to successfully make a way back to his happy home. The user has to adopt every single way to help the squirrel move out of the jungle and reunite with family and friends.

While dodging in the forest the player is expected to help the squirrel collect, plenty of nuts in return allowing the individual to gain a huge number of points. At the time of gaining points from nut collection, the player gets a chance to hit the jackpot through making an ultimate pick of the golden nut. It works as a fortunate bonus for the player.

Besides this, there are options when you may come across a small lucky box in the forest, which is of great help for the squirrels making them enter into a randomly challenging mode merely by giving the super powers with cooling effects. There are much more to the squirrelly game from time to time. You lust need to keep on passing the level to grab the high points. You may even send a request to your friends to be part of this game and help you out to fight the tough competitive levels of the games.

This lovely game is carefully designed to bring out the quick and unique effects of the game plan. It is a very challenging job that needs to be handled attentively, based on the bonus structure. This means you get fighting spirit to save the squirrel from difficult phases. It ensures complete entertainment until the end of the game. It is sort of an interactive game that may interest any age group. The players enjoy collecting as many nuts as possible merely by fighting with the poisonous nuts, snakes, spiders and other dangerous objects. Overall, it is an entertaining game helping you catch up the every move of the squirrel in different directions. 

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