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Star Warfare

26 Nov 2013

Star Warfare game review

The first person arena shooter game from Freyr Games is just the kind of game one would expect from its title. This game is about what the title tells us, invading aliens attack and this leads to war.

Every stage demands you to survive the waves of attackers, picking up gold along the way. Gold comes handy at the shops where you can buy all kinds of useful items, form 26 different weapons (shotgun, grenade launchers) to several types of armor, helmet and gloves.

They come out of nowhere, from holes in the walls, from underground or fly towards you with incredible speed. Once you strike back they attack immediately.

Star Warfare::by iFreyr Games Star Warfare::by iFreyr Games Star Warfare::by iFreyr Games Star Warfare::by iFreyr Games Star Warfare::by iFreyr Games

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The story to this game is quite short, since killing enemies is the name of the game. Moreover the game’s fun is short lived; the enemy appears out of the blue, from the most unimaginable places like, caves, beneath the ground and even walls. You do not even have to explore since the enemy come straight at you, you only have to aim and shoot.

At first glance there is not much to this game, with nice graphics and pretty colors, but once you had a chance to play it, your opinion of this game changes in a flash. Since playing with friends in always enjoyable then playing alone, you can team with up to 3 players online (via Game Center), to play a co-op boss battle or a map you have already unlocked.

The game is a dual stick shooter, which control work quite well, the left stick handles the movement, and the right stick controls the shooting and aiming. To look around you guide the camera by dragging a finger across the screen, preferably the bottom right corner. If you run out of ammo, you do not have many options left, you will find yourself unable to do anything, and you will just have to quit or die, since there are no melee attack or ammo pickups. Consequently there is not much to comment on this game, it is all very plain, and you have to survive the constant attacks of the enemy. You will find yourself fighting against rather difficult waves in the same level, and for the simple reason that the attacks last longer than you think, the levels can be a bit frustrating. There are other levels you can play but unlocking them is not possible until you advance from the earlier level.

Each weapon can be upgraded through eight levels. The heavier weapons like, grenade launchers cause a cutback on your speed, while RPG weapons absorb more energy. The stimulating part for fighting bosses is that you earn grater amount of money. Unfortunately these bosses cannot be accessed on single player mode. The boss battle is easier if you team up to play co-op.

Star warfare is a very engaging and rewarding game, certainly a good way to kill time.

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