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Striker Save Our Planet

02 Sep 2013

Striker Save Our Planet game review

The introduction at the beginning of the game got me interested instantly; it is only about fifteen seconds long but does exactly what it needs to do.

The pictures are amusing, accurate and do not waste time explaining the storyline. Being such a brief intro there is a great deal of room for interpretation but basically… Alien space ships are heading for Earth.

Luckily the humans have made a big bad-ass gun to stop the aliens from destroying their sacred home planet!

Striker Save Our Planet::by Simha Studios LLC Striker Save Our Planet::by Simha Studios LLC Striker Save Our Planet::by Simha Studios LLC Striker Save Our Planet::by Simha Studios LLC Striker Save Our Planet::by Simha Studios LLC

Striker Save Our Planet screenshots

It is your job to control the gun and zap the aliens from the sky back into the black holes that have been left open from the evil Martian’s entering the atmosphere.

When you first play the game it looks very inviting, the first few levels are obviously the easiest and allow you to practice aiming the gun and scoring points. Shooting the gun is simple – tap where you want to fire - the gun always fires at the same power so no need to worry about that!

Points are collected by shooting the spaceships into the black holes. If you miss the hole the spaceship will bounce off of the wall back into the middle of the screen, you can keep trying to eliminate the ships until you have used up all the gun bullets.

A bullet is actually called a ‘Striker’ and strikers are lost by accidently shooting it into a black hole, if you do not fire the strikers into a black hole the striker is re-usable for another attempt at destroying the alien forces. At the end of each round you will be given a star rating, out of three.

As you progress into level 2 ‘Blocked’, you will find that obstacles bar the way and you will have to be very tactical in manoeuvring your strikers around. I personally found this helped in some situations, but increases the difficulty of getting a three star rating.

Level 3 ‘Moving Blocks’ is very similar to the previous level with the greater difficulty of moving blocks. The blocks can move in all different directions, to master this section you will have to spend some time learning the movements of the blocks to earn the top rewards.

The next two levels introduce bombs. Bombs destroy your striker if they hit it, so your strikers will have to completely avoid this area of the map. One accidental bounce and BOOM - your striker is history!

However, the spaceships will fly directly through the bombs without causing any impact, so bare this in mind when aiming your gun. The final level adds another challenge to the game, the mother ship! These ships are bigger than the original ones, but once they get hit they will break into smaller ships. This level isn’t as challenging to start with but you will soon get overwhelmed if your accuracy is not spot on.

Striker! Save Our Planet is highly amusing and sometimes very frustrating! It is addictive and the combination of graphics, sounds and gameplay make it very appealing to all ages. I will personally be looking forward to playing more Striker games in the future.

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