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02 Oct 2013

Sunshine game review

Sunshine is the fabulous new arcade game released by the developers di Morbidware.

As soon as I started to play this game I fell in love with and became instantly addicted. If you are fond of arcades game which present a good challenge and are quick off the mark then this is the game for you. Instantly I was impressed with the graphics.

The colours were everywhere immediately catching your attention and created a really fun cartoon feel about them. Lots of bold purples and then subtle colours really made this game stand out.

Sunshine::By Morbidware Sunshine::By Morbidware Sunshine::By Morbidware Sunshine::By Morbidware Sunshine::By Morbidware

Sunshine screenshots












At times I even felt that some of the illustrations had a touch of 1980’s pac man genre about it. As the player you will take on the role of the central character who needs to become a hero! In the game there are lots of black holes and they have blocked all the suns!

As all the suns have been taken control off there is nothing shining on the “Multiverse” which is the environment in this game and the future happiness and over all life is at threat. The characters are cute and adorable and as a player you will want to do your best to help try and save them.

You will have some assistance throughout the game in the form of a vetran and Neurtins and together you must try to save the Multiverse and shine light back down on it by becoming, as the name suggests, the “Sunshine”. There are power up options too and you can become “Super” if you manage to gain hold of the Neurtins powers.

The controls were very simple to use and easy to understand but the game really is very challenging and very fast so you have to be quick of the mark to use them. Quick reactions and quick thinking is a must in order to succeed in this game.

If you like strategic arcade games that are fast, challenging and adventurous then you will love this. It is jam packed full of fast paced entertainment from start to finish. The sound track to the game is also very good and spurs you along as you play.

It is quite quirky and adds to the entertainment value. The game is based over three different chapters and over these three chapters there are 12 different environments to be found. It is quite a vast game in total and has 60 different stages to play so it is certainly a game which will take some time to play and provide hours of endless entertainment.

There are some fantastic boss fights which will get that adrenaline pumping. As you play you will need to spruce up your reaction skills in order to be able to jump around and avoid the dangers which will jump out at you.

This really is a great little game which is very intense and enthralling and will get your heart racing. Great game, great content, great soundtrack. I personally could not put it down and would definitely recommend this game to anyone, especially those fond of challenging arcade games.

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