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SuperPower - World at War

23 Dec 2013

SuperPower - World at War game review

SuperPower – World at War is a real time multiplayer online game that is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch it requires iOS version 4. 3 or later.

The aim of the game is to become one of the highest superpowers in the world and to dominate all of the other players with an unstoppable army.

To accomplish this, the player needs to build an army of units, recruit allies and construct buildings to obtain a huge wealth. Managing the cash flow is one of the most important aspects of taking over the world.

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Buying buildings produces income and attacking enemies increases honour. Complete missions to increase levels and gain skill points to become one of the most powerful empires in the game. The interface is very simple to navigate around, there are six buttons at the bottom of the screen that the user will need to tap in order to access different parts of the game.

The first icon is the ‘Home’ button; from here the player can access the character information screens and other zones such as the bank and hospital. The help section and settings are also located in this tab.

Missions can be completed to gain money and experience. To complete a mission it will require spending energy. Energy is gained over time, or by spending Honour points to top it up. As the player’s level rises more areas will become available and the rewards increase accordingly.

The ‘Battle’ tab is where the user will go head to head against other players. There are two options when attacking another opponent. The strategy area is to set your troops to perform specific missions and aim to complete exact goals.

The other option will select your strongest troops and automatically fight it out. The result will be displayed with details of the battle after it has finished. Units can be bought on the corresponding tab button; they are arranged in five different categories.

Infantry is selected by default, more units become available to purchase as the players level increases and some missions require the player to buy units before the assignments can be carried out. These units are also used when battling against other rivals.

It is important to keep a powerful army to defend yourself and attack others. A few of the units in SuperPower™ are purchased with uranium instead of cash. These units are special units which can be used to strategically cripple stronger opponents ensuring a win for the player’s army.

Buildings can be built under the ‘Buildings’ tab. This is a highly important part of the game, especially at low level. The buildings will produce money or uranium on a regular basis. Structures can also increase attack or defence bonus’s which are taken into consideration when fighting other players.

The final tab is the ‘Alliance’ tab; this is where the player can invite friends to play the game. There is a large bonus for recruiting friends and creating alliances with other members. This game is highly addictive and is very enjoyable to play.

It has good graphics and interesting cut scenes. The interface is easy to navigate and the server it uses is very fast. The game runs slightly slower when using 3G instead of Wi-Fi but it does not affect the gameplay.

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