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04 Apr 2014

Swordigo game review

Swordigo is a superb platform game controlled by across scrolling commands with very simple RPG aspects. This is the first game released since Soosiz and the developers include similar aspects that made the earlier game so popular.

The buttons are very receptive and of a pleasing measurement which can also be repositioned. This came as a shock when taking into account the fact that there are three activity buttons already on the right hand side of the screen.

It performs in a higher quality than one would expect. The players of the game acquire status and learning albeit via a common process. Prizes are gained via increasing statistics without the need of feeling held back.

There are a lot of choices to be made and which routes to take, prizes to be pioneered and an opposition to contend with. An intelligent fighting fundamental is that the opposition may be destroying by pushing them into a boundless abyss. This option can also use the smaller chiefs.

Swordigo::by Ville Mäkynen Swordigo::by Ville Mäkynen Swordigo::by Ville Mäkynen Swordigo::by Ville Mäkynen Swordigo::by Ville Mäkynen

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The player will have a weapon and a leap command but abilities to use these are limited. The players weaponry will increase as four spells of the game are made known. Of the spells three can be used to fight against the opposition and all of them in total let you communicate with the surroundings in a variety of different techniques. Secret walls can be exploded if the player fires or throws grenades. Chief battles make the most of these strengths and there are special assignments in each region. Because of these aspects the game remains unique and different throughout its duration without the need to rely on conventional methods for any period of time.

Perceptibly the game is nostalgic of its predecessor Soosiz, however the game as more specifics which gives the impression that the developers are improving. The sharp bright scenes make an agreeable artistic creation which we can relate with. The music sounds like a saga and is complimented by a similar sound track used within Zelda.

Whilst this game is certainly fun to play, it would not be one to look at on the basis of new content. This is not particular a negative as the game is more than satisfactory whilst remaining humble. It would appear that the developers rather than concentrating on story used their time and effort with making a remarkable plat form game with an enjoyable range of improvements. Some of the available upgrades can be purchased with the articles discarded by the opposition and unaware plant life. More can be discovered in secret treasure troves.

The commands are fairly regular with left and right buttons which enable manoeuvres to take place as well as leap, assault and special assault commands. When the player has to communicate with an item, one will become a hand will let the player be successful in movements such as raising items. Duplicate leaping will allow the main character to act out backward leaps which give the game a bit of excitement. Use of the commands, were discovered to be very receptive and endeavour to provide an agreeable game play.

The game has everything one would want from a battle game including the fights, magic elements, role plays and endless options for discovery. 

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