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13 Aug 2013

irunner game review

iRunner is a fast and furious game, helped no end by brilliant HD graphics and innovative game play. Mr. I is running as fast as possible, as you can tell by his streaming hair, towards his mysterious goal.

We all love game developers who think outside the box and want to please players. You need good game play as the core, but it’s the little extras that make all the difference – menus, hard buttons, tutorials, sound effects and so on.

Solipskier game review

Solipskier is a fast paced skiing game where you draw the slopes to pick up speed and do jumps. Paint your own cliffs, do tricks and slalom through gates to get huge scores. I am a huge fan of indie games.

One such game that caught my attention quickly was Solipskier. This app seemed first to be a simple game but not much more than some tracing, but it quickly turned into a challenging app that kept me coming for more.

Frisbee Forever game review

There are some games and game types that are perfectly built for the type of platform that they are predominant on, when building for a specific platform it gives the designers the opportunity to use all the functionality available to that specific platform, not limiting it to be functional on all the platforms available.

If there has ever been a game built for the IOS platform its Frisbee Forever, there are a hundred different levels spread over ten different environments to keep you playing for quite some time.

Tank Riders game review

Polarbit Games’ Tank Riders is a good old fashioned top-down tank shoot ‘em up with a dash of strategy to keep it interesting.You won’t be zipping around in a souped-up sports car, though.

As you may have gathered from the title, you’re in a tank, trundling around blowing up other tanks. Simple, eh? Your tank may lumber, but you can move around the maps in each level by using special teleporters.

Super Bit Dash game review

Super Bit Dash in a nifty 8-bit game in which you have to swipe and dash around retro-styled stages, but in a very new way. The aim of the game is simple – you have to get across an auto-scrolling course littered with pits and spikes to name but two dangers.

Each level of Super Bit Dash are just as unique as the game play, as tiny rooms and spaces are rapidly and randomly assembled and pieced together which keeps the game moving and new.

Radiant Defense game review

Hexage have created here a wonderful bright vibrant Tower defence game which is a follow up to the original and well liked Radiant game. Radiant is an arcade firing game which influenced by some of the classics such as Space Invader.

The role of the player in this space game is to defend the glimmering spiral which is in the middle of a galaxy from the potential threat of the vibrantly coloured alien life form.

Epic Astro Story game review

In Epic Astro Story, you attempt to colonize a planet. The new stuff comes in the form of away missions, which are totally hilarious and buff up the gameplay in a way I really enjoyed.

As a solid Trek nerd, I was extremely amused to discover my first residents were "James Turk" and "Jean Vicard." Later you'll be joined by Wes Smasher (which cracks me up every single time he says something), Bones Mc Gee, and many more great riffs on the classic Star Trek universe.

Shark Dash game review

Shark Dash consists of everything typical of the traditional romance story. The main character featured within the game is a play shark who is sharing a lovely swim with his sweetheart.

Unbeknown to these two love birds, some terrible rubber ducks are plotting to ruin their romance. They dive into the tub and capture the hero whilst the other ducks kidnap his girlfriend leaving him absolutely devastated.

Train Conductor 2 USA game review

Train Conductor 2 sounds simple, with a very basic objective – to get a number of trains from one side of the screen to the other. The game revisits the path drawing genre which had you connecting train tracks to get trains home safely.

The trains start from both the left side of the screen and the right, and you have to lay down the tracks in order for them to reach their destinations safely without any collisions.

Invaders from far Space (full) game review

Have you ever noticed that life is in constant evolution?

Things that our great-grandparents used to do when they were children are reinvented and come back to entertain us time and again. Take, for instance, outer space. When your father was a child, he’d imagine monsters, aliens and spaceships while he ran around pretending to be a space cowboy torturing his poor friends, the aliens.

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