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KungFu Warrior game review

So, a beat-em-up game where you get to be just like Bruce Lee? That alone would be enough to draw in the punters to KungFu Warrior, so it’s a real bonus to find loads of in-game content and classy gameplay once you’ve got past the glitzy premise.

Your combat controls are based on three virtual buttons – one for weaker attacks, one for a stronger onslaught and one for blocking your opponent. The blocking button also serves as a jump button if you use it when you’re jumping to the left or right.

Sky Gamblers Rise Of Glory game review

Sky Gamblers is an arcade World War I airplanes game involving different missions. Starting on the first mission the player will be expected to fly with a team on a crusade to destroy enemy fighters across rural areas and then over more urban built up areas.

As the game progresses the player will partake in a desert level. Here the player will be asked to tear through enemy fighters whilst bombing ground soldiers shortly before moving into a “Destroy the Depot” mission.

Battleloot Adventure game review

The empire of Kameloot is a looters fantasy experience. Warriors from around the empire come together to collect prizes and earn plenty of money. There are other objectives to the game in addition to the collection of prizes and money.

A group of organised allies is required in order to succeed. Luckily the prizes and compensations make all the hard work beneficial for the player. The tale of Battleloot Adventure is simple and easy to follow.

Age of Wind 2 game review

Many children often dream of being a pirate and it is a fantasy that as an adult we would still love to happen. The game somehow seems to make it appealing to be a crazy 17th Century criminal, and makes the job seem some what alluring.

The fact that this decision to be a criminal may lead to an untimely death at the gallows along with the decaying looks of a toothless monster whilst catching a nasty illness is soon forgotten.

Fling a Thing game review

Fling a Thing by Big Blue Bubble is a simple game, but it will have you hooked in minutes. The principle of this 99c game is so simple and elegant, and its parts work together so well, that you’ll be playing it again and again.

Fling a Thing is way more than the sum of its parts, as all its elements work so well together. The sounds work with the graphics which work with the action and level progression. You get the picture.

Majesty The Northern Expansion game review

Majesty: The Northern Expansion has a slight but important difference to other real-time strategy games in that it doesn’t give you full or direct control over any of your forces.

This game is gorgeous, with detailed, colourful cartoonish graphics that wouldn’t look out of place in one of the better quality full-on PC games. The stunning visuals are allied to a strong, heroic sounding soundtrack, which helps no end.


03 Mar 2014

Neoteria game review

Neoteria is the latest offering from OrangePixel. This retro game is in the scrolling shoot ‘em up genre and is inspired by games like R-Type and Gradius.

The story is kept light, with a bit of dialogue at the beginning of each level, but to be honest, you can play the game without it. When you do play the game, you need to concentrate on shooting as many enemies as possible before you get to the next checkpoint.

Three Kingdoms Heroes game review

Three Kingdoms Heroes is an epic strategy game that allows you to use strategy and cunning to become the a hero and a legend.

You play as a character who is lost in a time of turmoil, tyranny, and betrayal. Civil wars are common, officials are corrupt, and loyalty is low.

Xelorians Demo - Space Shooter game review

Xelorians is an action-packed shooter that brings the top-down scrolling classic gameplay of games like 1942, 1943, and Tyrian to Android devices.

In Xelorians, you play as a pilot helming a hybrid spacecraft that is designed to help resist and prevent the imminent attack on Earth by the Xelorians, an alien species that mankind first came into contact with in 2037.

Block Story game review

Block Story is the latest release by the makers Mind Blocks.

As soon as I began to play this game I was immediately struck by the stunning visuals. The graphics were absolutely out of this world. I was very impressed by the high quality of them. The colours were bold and vibrant and the graphics were so realistic that they created the feeling of actually drawing you into the game. They really are breath taking.

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