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Dragon Kingdom (en) game review

Dragon Kingdom is an enchanting, addictive online strategy game that tasks you with succeeding in a world where flesh-eating dragons, greedy pirates, and fierce warriors fight to take what they want.

In this fun game, you get to play alongside others just like you as you strive to build your kingdom to be the best you can be.

Soldiers of Glory Modern War game review

Modern War is a graphical military game for Android devices that allows players to enter a world of military might where they can take over the world as a legendary commander.

The game tasks you with building up your base so that you can complete progressively more challenging missions and even take on other players around the world. The game first has you select a location on the map where you will begin your military career.

Star Splitter 3D game review

The Android apps and games are becoming more sophisticated with every passing day, and Star Splitter 3D is the newest addition to the list of fascinating games that can run on the Android based devices.

This action arcade game surely deserves a place on every Android device, phone or tablet, because it offers exciting times beyond imagination, which will leave the players in a complete state of thrill.

Escape From Creepy Lab game review

Escape from Creepy Lab is an adventure game for Android mobile devices that all kinds of players will enjoy.

In Escape from Creepy Lab, your worst nightmares are confirmed. You wake up in a mysterious and creepy laboratory, where a crazy scientist has placed you so that he can run terrible experiments on you as you remain helpless.

Future Mayhem game review

Future Mayhem is a fantastic arcade style side scrolling shooter for Android devices.

In Future Mayhem, you are transported into the distant future, specifically to the year 2842. In that time period, large cities are controlled by powerful organized crime groups, which control the huge metropolitan areas from the relative security of their massive underground bases.

Dragon Kingdom (en) game review

Dragon Kingdom is an incredibly engaging online strategy game which immerses you in a world of adventure filled with pirates, monsters, dragons, and more.

In Dragon Kingdom, you and others around the world will all be building the best kingdoms possible. The game starts simply as you create your hero and get into a tutorial that will help you get the hang of things.

Wars Online game review

Wars Online is an addictive 2D online strategy game for Android mobile phones and devices.

In Wars Online, you match wits with real opponents from all around the world as you try to topple their forces while enjoying fun, cartoonish graphics that really bring the action to life.


03 Nov 2013

Z-Cross game review

Z-Cross is a challenging and fun vertical shooter for Android devices.

Like many classic shooters over the years, this game puts you in a spaceship and has you shooting it out in the deepest recesses of space. The game’s storyline takes you everywhere from Pluto to Mercury and in between, as you strive to restore peace to the galaxy through your own heroic efforts.

Army of Darkness game review

In Army of Darkness Defense you play Ash, who is the protagonist in the film. You move around your environment by touching either the left or right hand side of the screen so that you can attack the oncoming hordes of enemies that are after the Necronomicon – the all-powerful book of the dead.

If these baddies get the book, it’s the end of all life as we know it, so you have to keep it safe.

Zombie Highway game review

You might have thought that the zombie genre has been done to death (or should that be un-death?), but then along come developers Auxbrain with a whole new take on the walking dead. 

You are driving along a post-apocalyptic highway, picking your way through abandoned cars as you go. Your main purpose in Zombie Highway is to keep on trucking – you can only go faster.

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