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My Little Hero game review

All children have experienced the terror that there is a monster hidden within the closet. Whilst this fear may seem unrealistic to a grown up, it is a very real and possible terror to the mind of a child.

The unfamiliar is very scary indeed to a child and this is further enhanced by the shadows which appear within a child’s room creating a wide variation of scary shapes. I am sure we all were at some time, a bit scared as a child when it game to being in bed in the dark alone of a night.

This Could Hurt game review

This Could Hurt is a great puzzle game placed in a nice 3D graphic environment. It has fantastic graphics and certainly is a lot of fun to play. I would say that compared to recent puzzle games on the market recently I really do prefer this one.

The players must progress through many stages which have different types of tasks and barriers contained within them and all of which are based on a different topic.

Aby Escape game review

The game is a 3D take on the likeable runner games. Whilst it seems like an easy concept, it is also quite an admirable one. A lot of games come in 2D graphics and this particular game has put it in 3D.

Aby Escape is based on the concept of a racoon who must run around as quickly as possible. Unluckily for him the poor racoon has several cross people who are running after him and it seems that he will not get a great distance away from them before something happens.

Greedy Monsters Free game review

Greedy Monsters Free is the latest release from the developers MTI Studio Itda.

This game involves the player being introduced to lots of different toothy monsters all of which are ravenous. The monsters are from a different planet who are desperately trying to look for somewhere new to live but unfortunately they have very few resources enabling them to do this.

The CATch!

01 Sep 2013

The CATch! game review

This quirky game is the latest release from the developers Deemedya M. S Ltd.

As soon as I began to play this app I fell in love with it instantly. It is a fun vibrant adventure game and if you are a fan of cats then this game is just the ticket for you. As the player you will take on the role of the cat and are faced with many obstacles.

Striker Save Our Planet game review

The introduction at the beginning of the game got me interested instantly; it is only about fifteen seconds long but does exactly what it needs to do.

The pictures are amusing, accurate and do not waste time explaining the storyline. Being such a brief intro there is a great deal of room for interpretation but basically… Alien space ships are heading for Earth.

Commander Pixman game review

Classic platforms games continue to flood the app store and a majority of these games are simply imitations of popular games from the past with just a few minor changes having been made to separate them. This game however is far from this and certainly could not be called an imitation.

From the outset as you switch the game on and you are introduced to the first screen you will realise that you have stumbled across something quite extraordinary and you will not be disappointed.

Medieval HD

11 Oct 2013

Medieval HD game review

Medieval HD is a great game by the makers Brisk Mobile Inc and is proving to be very popular around the world.

After playing this game I can see why. If you are a fan of arcade games which are jam packed with action then you will certainly love Medieval HD. The hype around this fantastic game is certainly warranted. I was really impressed with the illustrations and the sound effects are great.

Ski Safari

13 Oct 2013

Ski Safari game review

Recently there have been many really impressive runners and Ski Safari looks as if it is to carry on with this reign on really good games. The illustrations are just excellent and the commands are good and easy to use.

The story behind the game is fabulous and certainly ticks all the correct boxes for a game such as this. It is well worth having a look at. You must try to continue for as long as possible as you are challenge by an avalanche whilst hurtling down an ongoing hill.


25 Oct 2013

Bubblin game review

Bubblin is one of those annoyingly addictive games that you start playing ‘just for five minutes’ and only realise the time an hour later.

The game is designed to be played holding the phone face up using the inbuilt tilt function to move around the screen. The basic concept is to ensure your bubble dodges the red spikes and collects the blue bubbles.

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