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Galactic Invasion game review

You’re on solo deep space patrol in the Zeta quadrant when you encounter the first lone scout of a galactic invasion force.

Backup is light years away and only you stand between this invading menace and the destruction of the galaxy. Inspired by arcade legends Space Invaders and Galaga, Galactic Invasion brings a classic arcade experience to the Android platform.

Hanuman Game game review

Hanuman Mission Sanjeevani is based on Indian mythological character of Hanuman a monkey god.

Hanuman is supposed to be a strong warrior who is pure at heart and is a devote of Rama. Hanuman helps Rama in the war of Lanka to secure release of Sita from the clutches of the evil Rakshasa called Ravana. In the war of Lanka, Rama’s brother Lakshmana is grievously injured.

Shackle-the cursed city game review

Welcome to the world of Shackle, a thrilling horror survival rpg that everyone can fall in love with.

Shackle follows Duffy, a young girl who worked for a sub-company called “Dynastic”. The city was created by this company which made a curse, ultimately isolating it from the rest of the human race and turning a huge population who didn't get out into monsters.


01 Jan 2014

PacRat game review

PacRat is a maze game like your old arcade favourite, PacMan.

Roger the Rat is a natural born thief and he likes cheese! When the local merchant in Roger's village locks up all the cheese in his warehouse down by the docks, it's up to Roger to grab up all that cheese and avoid the cats and nasty traps. Will Roger's family starve? or will you help him foil that mean old merchant!

Jungle Jumper Free game review

What is this?

Yet another Doodle Jump, Ninjump or Temple Run clone? Jungle Jumper definitely has similarities to all these game and borrows a bit here and there. So does it manage to rise above cheap knockoff status and contribute anything to the popular genre of endless running games? Read on to find out.

Jump Shot

30 Dec 2013

Jump Shot game review

Jump Shot is a platforming game that uses your device’s accelerometer to control the direction of your character.

In Jump Shot you will begin at a start point near the bottom of the screen and you’ll need to keep jumping from platform to platform to stay above the bottom of the screen which the level will progressively move towards. If you’ve played Doodle Jump then you’ll notice the similarities right away.

Mad Shapes - Fome Pazze game review

Do you like impossible challenges?

Do you feel you can hit any record and you have no limits? Then Mad Shapes is the game you're looking for, the one that will challenge your skills with its exciting, addictive and (almost) impossible one-touch gameplay, which will get you addicted to from the first level!

Funny Top Cat game review

Sometimes it’s the simplest games that wind up being the most fun.

Funny Top Cat - this new flying arcade simulation game takes the previous classic games you've seen before to a whole new "extreme" level. This app is compatible both with iOS and Android platforms, so every smartphone user can install it and enjoy for free.

Friendly Frog - The Game game review

Hop, snatch and crunch down rain forest insects with Freddie the friendly frog.

Friendly Frog, is an arcade game in which you use your finger to direct Freddie the frog’s actions so as to protect his lily pads and consume the rain forest bugs to gain points.

Fish Party Online game review

If you are looking for a 3D online game with full of competitive and leisure elements, the Fish Party Online will be your choice.

Fish party Online is formed by more than 20 different modes include single, cooperation and competition games. You need to move your fish to chase and eat the smaller foes to grow up, and avoid the hunting from the larger fish.

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