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Epic Defense TD 2 - the Wind Spells game review

Epic defense 2 is, as you'd expect, a tower defense game.

It has everything you could ask to a game of this kind and the same flaws as well. In addition, its price is reasonable, the game is clean and there are a ton of playable levels. Graphics are nice and sound is fair. Animations are rather poor, what we could consider usual at defense games. It has another remarkable twist.

Crazy Pandas game review

Crazy Pandas is a funny and pretty bloody action game.

You fight against somehow cute, yet deadly pandas that invade you on the parachutes. Your job is to shoot them using a wide collection of weapons (like shotgun or AK47). If you'll let a single panda land on the ground - the game is finished, because the panda snipers are deadly accurate and shoot you the moment they touch the ground.

Clash Trip Racing rage of nation saga. Free. game review

The Clash Trip Racing game app will challenge non-drivers and drivers alike.

Clash Trip Racing is an action-arcade bus parking game for Android and iOS devices in which you can show your driving as well as parking skills. So what makes "bus" parking different than say normal car parking? Well as you can probably imagine or know through experience, bus are harder to control and are generally slower.

Brotherhood of Violence game review

Brotherhood of Violence is a 3D fighting 'brawler' game, similar to classic arcade game like Final Fight or Double Dragon.

You are a former member of a Brotherhood, a gang of assassins and martial arts experts. Now the mysterious Big Boss, a dangerous man with incredible powers, kidnapped your Brother.


29 Apr 2013

AntiViral game review

AntiViral is an exciting mix of old-school style with slick modern controls.

It is a fun new spin to the top-down shooter genre. Instead of flying your ship, you control a variety of attacks and defenses literally at your fingertips. In AntiViral you play as a small craft that enters the human body to fight off a new deadly virus.

Alone in the tower game review

Looking for a challenge that takes you to the adrenaline filled edge of survival instincts?

Then "Alone in the tower" is the game for you. There will be many fierce battles and loads of close call situations for you to get through. Alone in the tower is an action packed survival game that gives the tower defence genre a new spin by placing you into the tower.

Cut the Rope game review

As each and every gaming platform grows in popularity, games for it are released that push the boundaries of what can be done on this platform. Cut the Rope is one of those games.

At times so many similar games will come out that a gamer will wonder, have we reached the limit of what this system can do? The App Store has kind of started to enter this territory, with many similarly engineered games appearing on a weekly basis.

Temple Run game review

In Temple Runner, you play an Indiana Jones style explorer who is being chased through a temple by demon guardians. You’re always moving forward, and you have to guide him around the treacherous temple paths.

You’ve just “claimed” an ancient idol, and the guardians wake up and try to eat you, which is why you’re running. You’ll traverse the ruins of ancient temples, jump over burning statues and dive under the roots of huge trees.

Stupid Zombies game review

Stupid Zombies is a delirious mix of Angry Birds with a shoot ‘em up game. Developer Game Resort has combined the two genres really well, and although bullet ricochet games aren’t uncommon, few are as good as this one.

You start off the game as the sole survivor of the often touted zombie apocalypse (or so it seems – the premise isn’t really made obvious), and you need to get rid of all the zombies.

The King of Fighters game review

The King of Fighters-i is very similar to Street Fighter, especially the virtual control pad that you can place on your screen according to your tastes and needs. However, The King of Fighters-i actually beats Street Fighter hands down.

The controls in TKoF-i are superior and feel much more responsive. You have a punch and a kick button, an evading button and an all-purpose “special moves” button.

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