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Fireball SE game review

Fireball SE is a game in which the player has to navigate around avoiding large groups of opposition in an open stadium. The only difficulty is the player can’t fire. Alternatively, the player must lead the opposition to their death by way of explosions.

The game initially was a small after thought for a larger arcade game, however, here, the game has been filled out much more with extra features such as new rules and regulations, levels, accomplishments and score methods.

Bug Princess game review

Enormous bugs called the Koju are assaulting the town of Utakata tirelessly. In a determined manner in an attempt to put an end to the attacks the queen’s son who is known by the name of Aki goes deep into the woods to try and find the chief of the Koju’s.

The assault on the town suddenly comes to an end but Aki is not seen again. In an attempt to find him Princess Rico from a neighbouring village also goes deep into the woods in order to search for him.

Gridrunner game review

For many of us, the fondest memories of our childhoods where playing video games, and contrary to popular belief, the systems of the past where nowhere near as advanced as they are today.

But it is still great to see an old classic re-worked and released on a new platform, with all the advancements that inherently come with it. The new Gridrunner is presented as a vertical shooter, basically the classic game turned on its side.

Paper Monsters game review

This is a new platform game released by Crescent Moon games. The content of the game is straight forward and easy to follow albeit very entertaining and easy to use.

The player commands a happy hero created from paper who dashes around and leaps the way through the various stages of the game which include plat forms which glide in the air, dangerous oppositions and mysteries to solve.

Rinth Island game review

Rinth Island is probably one of the best platform games I have played and currently available on the market for the iOS. It is jam packed with entertaining and mind teasing decision making options.

This fun experience is so exciting it adds to the games intrigue with so many features packed into the 60 stages of play. More complicated modes of play are steadily introduced as the game progresses.

Sky Gnomes game review

It really does require the ability to be ingenious in order to be recognised as something in different when it comes to games available in the App store, however, this game certainly has new visionary potential about it.

The competition can be played with numerous online players taking part with the extra addition of being able to try and beat previous high scores by previous players adding further to the rivalry of this game.

Burnout Crash game review

Players may be familiar with the name of this game as it already exists in a format made for the console which features heavily on a mode of game play involving damage and combat with vehicles.

It has been tinkered around with so game play is suitable for the iOS, but controls and commands are very similar, and actually game works better on iPhone and iPad.

Spellsword game review

This is a game influenced by its very poplar predecessor Super Crate Box. Due to the fact that this game was influenced by such a popular game I was keen to see if it could meet up to its expectations and very excitingly it did just that.

We were very eager to try Spellsword as soon as it was released. Whilst its influence highlighted this game and brought it to the public eye the actual game itself certainly did it justice.

Gene Effect game review

Gene effect is a game full of mysteries and surprises which you and your crew must attempt to reveal in this alien world. You must submerge yourself into the many far away tunnels where you will find an alien life form which whilst is unfriendly towards you it is very attractive.

Your role within the game is that of a captain who is in charge of a mining ship. It is your task to go on an expedition in search of another ship called the Goliath which went astray whilst investigating the planet of Kratoss.

This Could Hurt game review

This Could Hurt is a great puzzle game placed in a nice 3D graphic environment. It has fantastic graphics and certainly is a lot of fun to play. I would say that compared to recent puzzle games on the market recently I really do prefer this one.

The players must progress through many stages which have different types of tasks and barriers contained within them and all of which are based on a different topic.

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