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07 Mar 2014

JUJU game review

It’s the era of e-learning these days. Even if you have just a toddler who needs to learn just the few letters of the alphabet or a few shapes so as to get ready to go to a pre-school, e-learning is there to help you out.

In fact, education related apps are the best option to teach your kids to do that.

 Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun game review

You along with your fellow colleagues have fallen into an unexpected adventure.

There’s an island named Prospero’s Island which is present in the Mediterranean region and consists of hidden treasure. You have the chance to find the lost treasure which might be present in the labyrinths or underground caves. At the beginning of the treasure hunt, you would be given a sum of $25,000 to help you.

Symmetry School Learning Geometry game review

Being an iPhone fan for a long time I came across so many applications and games for my device, each and every game and application is a masterpiece in itself whereas some of them being useless.

It was recently that I came across this game - Symmetry School : Learning Geometry, which was designed for kids to brush up their memory. At the first sight I was a bit astonished to see the app and what it was for.

Telling time for kids – learn to tell time with the interactive Fun Clock game review

I have always thought that one of the greatest uses of the iPad is for education.

Although it is not the same as when I was a kid, growing up with actual wooden toys and blocks and things that you could throw against the wall, using the iPad for learning is a natural and can have some truly real benefits for children nowadays.

Kids Coloring Book! game review

One of the first things we love to do as children is play with coloring books.

We learn first from our parents, at pre-school, and then in grade school. Some people go on to become very proficient artists, but for most of us, we become pre-occupied with other things in life, and the coloring book is just a faded memory.

Easy Words! game review

Easy Words is an iPhone app that helps the user to learn key words from over thirty foreign languages.

The user can set the app to convert from English, or their native language, into their chosen language that they wish to learn. This gives the program a very versatile and effective edge on other similar software.


22 Jan 2014

Chemist game review

Chemist is an amazing program for iPads only that allows you to explore and experiment with elements from the periodic table.

This app allows you to combine the most volatile substances without having to worry about the end result.

MyMathBook HD game review

MyMathBook is currently available on iPad and is due to be released on iPhone in the very near future.

This application is designed for young children to help develop their mathematic skills in a fun and engaging way. This educational software is ideal for ages as low as three years old and can help youngsters up to the age of six or seven.

Pre-K Letters and Numbers game review

Pre-K Letters and Numbers is a fantastic educational application that allows young children to learn during play.

Most youngsters would find this app more beneficial on the iPad due to the size of the screen, however, it is also available for iPhone and is suitable for all young children that are learning to spell and count. The program has a very clean design and the user interface is simple to understand and use.

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