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Cubis Creatures game review

If you are a fan of puzzle apps for the iPhone then this is the game for you. The game can be played on both iPhone and iPad is a charming little game which is suitable for younger players, of interest to puzzler fans and an all round fun game for all other players.

The combination of quirky illustrations and engrossing method makes a really entertaining game in which you must combine blocks of the cube together in order to score and get on to the next stage.


29 Nov 2013

Incoboto game review

Incoboto has you playing as a character named Inco, the last of the living on his planet, and most probably his entire galaxy. As the suns of his galaxy died out, life had no means from witch to grow or propagate.

In this puzzle game, developed by Fluttermind, you are tasked with tracking down stars to feed Helios, in his desperate, last ditch attempt to re-light the dead suns in the galaxy, and as such, to bring some life back to it.

Train Titans game review

Train Titans is a very simple game to play – on the surface of things. You have to guide trains of different colours into matching depots while making sure they avoid other trains on the track system.

You do this by laying out tracks in the most appropriate way, with bridges, switch tracks and suchlike. There are lots of power-ups, special buildings and obstacles, but the basic premise of getting your trains into the right depots is always the same.

Cavorite 2 game review

Dr. Cavor escaped from his captors and headed home. Unfortunately he almost immediately ran out of fuel and crash landed. Now the hapless scientist with the dodgy memory is on a mission to collect special crystals to refuel his ship and return to Earth.

Cavorite 2 sticks so closely to the action puzzle formula in the previous game that you might describe it as a 63-level continuation. If you enjoyed the first Cavorite, you’re in for a treat.

Kitten Sanctuary game review

The game revolves around the story taking place on “Kitten Island”. The player must participate through numerous stages in order to save 50 kittens which have been taken by extra terrestrials.

On each stage the player must have couple three articles, and it transpires that these articles are in fact articles of special ability which collate on the game. The aim of the game is similar to pairs.


03 Nov 2013

Polymer game review

As with a majority of games which come under the puzzle genre they come with the impression the impression that the game is only entertaining if it is to be played in accordance to a strict list of criteria.

Whilst this game is not intended specifically for children, it only has one request and that is a shape within the game must not have incomplete sides or it can not be considered to be a shape.

MacGuffin’s Curse game review

This game is based on a werewolf and is a combination of both a puzzle and adventure game. The player is given the opportunity to change from a puny small robber into a massive, muscle bound werewolf.

Upon changing the character gains super strength powers and abilities and is also given the chance to revert back to his previous physical state. To the misfortune of MacGuffin the whole town in which he resides is on red alert looking for him.

The Sandbox game review

Typically, a sandbox game is usually known as a genre of game in which a player can roam around a world, with no restrictions and do whatever they desire. This game however is not exactly like this. This game is a mixture of both game and art assignment.

Within the game the player takes on the role of a God. Due to the nature of your role you are given the ability to paint the colours of stone, create mounds of earth and command them to prosper and flourish.

City Of Secrets game review

City of Secrets is a fun little adventure and mystery game that people of all ages can enjoy playing.

The game is set up like a story, and each round is an episode. At the start of each episode, you go through some story text that tells you a little bit about what is going on in the game. The overall goal of this game is to help Rex and Mr. Mole save Poco Pane.

Tractor Trails game review

Tractor Trails is a cleverly crafted, entertaining puzzler game. The challenge the player is presented with is the task of cultivating a piece of land and attempting to grow as many trees as they can.

This must be done but at the same time they must be strategic about it in order not to block their own way. There is an immense number of stages to this game and therefore make it excellent value for money.

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