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Frenzy Pop game review

The game is certainly one which has a lot to take in. Within this review we will see what fizzes away in the game and bubbles to the surface and if anything in this platform game needs to be popped.

To complete the stages you must become an expert and faultlessly go from move to move. You must jump on a blade, spin through burrows, and switch from drifting and dropping by the use of Pop Power in sporadic blasts so you don’t go so fast and lance yourself on one of the blades.

Aby Escape game review

The game is a 3D take on the likeable runner games. Whilst it seems like an easy concept, it is also quite an admirable one. A lot of games come in 2D graphics and this particular game has put it in 3D.

Aby Escape is based on the concept of a racoon who must run around as quickly as possible. Unluckily for him the poor racoon has several cross people who are running after him and it seems that he will not get a great distance away from them before something happens.

The CATch!

01 Sep 2013

The CATch! game review

This quirky game is the latest release from the developers Deemedya M. S Ltd.

As soon as I began to play this app I fell in love with it instantly. It is a fun vibrant adventure game and if you are a fan of cats then this game is just the ticket for you. As the player you will take on the role of the cat and are faced with many obstacles.


02 Oct 2013

Sunshine game review

Sunshine is the fabulous new arcade game released by the developers di Morbidware.

As soon as I started to play this game I fell in love with and became instantly addicted. If you are fond of arcades game which present a good challenge and are quick off the mark then this is the game for you. Instantly I was impressed with the graphics.

Medieval HD

11 Oct 2013

Medieval HD game review

Medieval HD is a great game by the makers Brisk Mobile Inc and is proving to be very popular around the world.

After playing this game I can see why. If you are a fan of arcade games which are jam packed with action then you will certainly love Medieval HD. The hype around this fantastic game is certainly warranted. I was really impressed with the illustrations and the sound effects are great.

Rocket Riot game review

Traditional classic games are just what I like. At the beginning of each stage you get the full whack of what the game involves and is very similar to the genre of game from the NES generation.

As the focus of the games gets closer and emphasises the graphics you will see that what you thought were 2D graphics are actually 3D graphics.

Dizzy Bunny Wings game review

Dizzy Bunny Wings is a free application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

It is a cartoon style game that gives you control of a skiing bunny rabbit. As the rabbit you have to ski away from the big bad wolf, collect as many carrots as possible and use the terrain to gain high jumps and speed. When you open the application you will be greeted with a colourful screen, a pink rabbit and an evil looking wolf.

Fungus Shark Attack game review

Fungus Shark Attack is the great new release by the creators Moez Ali Co. Ltd.

This game is great fun to play and very light hearted. This is a brand new release and from what I can see from playing already is that it is going to be a very popular platform game. The game is available for iPhone, iPad and Ipod touch so far but in the future it may be developed for other plat forms too.

Bottle Crash HD game review

Bottle Crash HD is the latest release by the developers Synkronit.

This app is a great little game to play especially if you want to let off some frustration. The aim of the game is to little smash and crash down as many bottles as you can. The player is faced with several buttons and you have to throw a stone at them and attempt to smash them and crash them down.

MonsterTower game review

The story starts…The monsters that roam the world have tried to survive peacefully without any type of conflict.

It has a unique and gripping twist to the classic defence style game that is currently on the market. It has good sound effects; the gameplay is simple and appealing with good graphics and details. There is a good storyline to follow that reveals itself as the player progresses into the game.

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