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Go Guguti! Go! game review

Go Guguti! Go! is an addictive action game that offers a very enjoyable and humorous storyline and easy game control. It’s available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. Basically, the game derives its name from the main character Guguti who has to lose weight to become healthier.

Your main objective is to help Guguti shed off some pounds by tackling various adventurous tasks either in story mode or endless mode.


16 Jul 2013

Runtris game review

Are you just bored of all the games that you have in your iphone?

Are you not able to find a completely different kind of game for yourself? What you need at such a time is a game which is a combination of two most popular genres in gaming. You need a combination of runner game and a puzzle piece game. Being a gaming freak, I was desperate to find a new kind of game for myself. Runtris is what came for my rescue.

Luke The Liftboy 2.0 game review

Are you like me who love gaming but doesn’t go along with those runner or fighting games which are so not our types?

Probably, you like mind games. What about a complete strategy game? You step into a new world where you need to manage certain things and complete the required goals. Management and strategies – that’s all you need to win the game.


14 Jul 2013

Plupons game review

The planet called Plupons is in danger as huge blocks from space that has covered the planet is driving the inhabitants, (plupaliens) crazy.

And there is a cry for help for someone to help them match these blocks and save them. The designer of the game is Kristaps Auzins.

What The

12 Jul 2013

What The game review

Are you looking for some really nice app through which you can have fun with your friends?

What about a social sound guessing game? You’ll be sending a voice message to your friends and they would be asked to guess the sound. Give them a challenge and earn rewards if they lose. Accept a challenge and if you win, you’ll get extra rewards. What The?

Blade Journey-Kungfu Run game review

If you like the third person adventure fantasy games, and you like action adventure style gaming, then you will want to check out a new app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad called "Blade Journey: Kungfu Run".

This game is a run, jump, slash and kill the monsters variety, but it is the first time that I have seen a running game turned into an adventure game at the same time. The result, however, is pure addiction.


08 Jul 2013

Rutger game review

Rutger Free is a simple mobile game with a fun extra feature: It allows you to build and create your own levels.

Rutger, the main character of the game, is a flying rhino with a jet pack that you have to maneuver skillfully in order to collect diamonds and precious items while avoiding falling boulders, flying bats and giant spiders.

Snow Daze Game game review

If you have ever played "Snake" the timeless game first introduced on Nokia mobile phones, then you know that this simple little game of avoiding getting boxed into a wall, was extremely addictive.

You could play that game for hours and never seem to get tired of it.

Roaming Fortress game review

If you are looking for a new game, that combines the best aspects and elements of a 2-D side scrolling adventure, mixed with a tower defense strategy game, then look no more, the new title available on the iTunes Store is available for you to download.

The game name is Roaming Fortress, and this game is available for the iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch.

Deprofundis Dungeons game review

I remember when I played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time; I thought it was an amazing game to play.

With the funny dice and strange and exotic characters, I used to play D&D for long stretches of time, until one day, I had to give up my D&D and get a job.

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