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Bees Gone Bonkers Full game review

Bees Gone Bonkers is a physics-based game with an incredibly simple goal and increasingly challenging levels.

It's a perplexing cross between arcade and puzzle, a game where the player excels either through opportunistic patience and strategy, or with a quick finger and reflexes. The beauty of its gameplay lies in how it accommodates different play styles, making it suitable for gamers of many tastes and ages.

Smashing Egg Tido ! game review

Maybe it was because I was never picked first in choosing teams at the local soccer field when I was a kid, or maybe it could be due to the fact that I was into superhero comic books, but I have always been rooting for the underdog, helping the little guy to get an advantage.

I think this is why I have taken to a game now available in the iTunes Store for the iPhone and iPad, that is fun to play and makes you feel like you're helping out the little guy. 

Mad Shapes - Fome Pazze game review

Do you like impossible challenges?

Do you feel you can hit any record and you have no limits? Then Mad Shapes is the game you're looking for, the one that will challenge your skills with its exciting, addictive and (almost) impossible one-touch gameplay, which will get you addicted to from the first level!

Happy Geese game review

With a design that is suited for young children and children with special needs, Happy Geese allows families to play board games together on their iPad.

The first thing you see when starting Happy Geese is a menu with two panels that correspond to the two games included in the app: Snakes and Ladders and the Game of the Goose.

Funny Top Cat game review

Sometimes it’s the simplest games that wind up being the most fun.

Funny Top Cat - this new flying arcade simulation game takes the previous classic games you've seen before to a whole new "extreme" level. This app is compatible both with iOS and Android platforms, so every smartphone user can install it and enjoy for free.

Fruit Smack game review

A "fruity" game that gets your adrenalin charged prompting you to want to beat your last high score.

All it takes is simply to be swift and accurate. Staged in a 3 D environment the game features exotic tropical fruit that are bizarre and intriguing to the unfamiliar. You can get an insight and informative description of each fruit in the 'Fruit Info' section of the game.

Friendly Frog - The Game game review

Hop, snatch and crunch down rain forest insects with Freddie the friendly frog.

Friendly Frog, is an arcade game in which you use your finger to direct Freddie the frog’s actions so as to protect his lily pads and consume the rain forest bugs to gain points.

Fish Party Online game review

If you are looking for a 3D online game with full of competitive and leisure elements, the Fish Party Online will be your choice.

Fish party Online is formed by more than 20 different modes include single, cooperation and competition games. You need to move your fish to chase and eat the smaller foes to grow up, and avoid the hunting from the larger fish.

Escapade - The Game game review

Escapade is the new game published by Csharks Games for iOS and Android platforms.

Game is built around a mother guppy fish who struggle safeguard her little guppies. iOS version of the game available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and Android version is available for more than 2400 android devices with touch and tilt control capabilities.

Crazy Pandas game review

Crazy Pandas is a funny and pretty bloody action game.

You fight against somehow cute, yet deadly pandas that invade you on the parachutes. Your job is to shoot them using a wide collection of weapons (like shotgun or AK47). If you'll let a single panda land on the ground - the game is finished, because the panda snipers are deadly accurate and shoot you the moment they touch the ground.

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