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Solipskier game review

Solipskier is a fast paced skiing game where you draw the slopes to pick up speed and do jumps. Paint your own cliffs, do tricks and slalom through gates to get huge scores. I am a huge fan of indie games.

One such game that caught my attention quickly was Solipskier. This app seemed first to be a simple game but not much more than some tracing, but it quickly turned into a challenging app that kept me coming for more.

Frisbee Forever game review

There are some games and game types that are perfectly built for the type of platform that they are predominant on, when building for a specific platform it gives the designers the opportunity to use all the functionality available to that specific platform, not limiting it to be functional on all the platforms available.

If there has ever been a game built for the IOS platform its Frisbee Forever, there are a hundred different levels spread over ten different environments to keep you playing for quite some time.

Super Bit Dash game review

Super Bit Dash in a nifty 8-bit game in which you have to swipe and dash around retro-styled stages, but in a very new way. The aim of the game is simple – you have to get across an auto-scrolling course littered with pits and spikes to name but two dangers.

Each level of Super Bit Dash are just as unique as the game play, as tiny rooms and spaces are rapidly and randomly assembled and pieced together which keeps the game moving and new.

KungFu Warrior game review

So, a beat-em-up game where you get to be just like Bruce Lee? That alone would be enough to draw in the punters to KungFu Warrior, so it’s a real bonus to find loads of in-game content and classy gameplay once you’ve got past the glitzy premise.

Your combat controls are based on three virtual buttons – one for weaker attacks, one for a stronger onslaught and one for blocking your opponent. The blocking button also serves as a jump button if you use it when you’re jumping to the left or right.


03 Mar 2014

Neoteria game review

Neoteria is the latest offering from OrangePixel. This retro game is in the scrolling shoot ‘em up genre and is inspired by games like R-Type and Gradius.

The story is kept light, with a bit of dialogue at the beginning of each level, but to be honest, you can play the game without it. When you do play the game, you need to concentrate on shooting as many enemies as possible before you get to the next checkpoint.

Wars Online game review

Wars Online is an addictive 2D online strategy game for Android mobile phones and devices.

In Wars Online, you match wits with real opponents from all around the world as you try to topple their forces while enjoying fun, cartoonish graphics that really bring the action to life.

League of Evil 2 game review

One could definitely say that video games have evolved over the last decades, as new technologies and new trends have come to the forefront of the scene. Things come and things go.

One of the types of games that have all but disappeared from the main score of released games is the platformer. Thankfully, due to the iPhones quick rise in gaming popularity, they are making somewhat of a comeback.

Tiny Wings game review

Tiny Wings is all about a bird who is desperate to fly, and plans to spend his entire day trying. Because of his small wings, though, he will spend most of his time sliding across the ground, but if you can give him enough momentum, he’ll fly for short distances before coming back to earth.

You help him to fly by tapping the screen to make his wings tuck in for his dives, and let go of the screen to make his little wings flap. 

Whale Trail game review

In Whale Trail, you’ll use cave-flying mechanics – you touch the screen to raise Willow the Whale into the sky and then let go to drop him – to avoid ever-increasing numbers of dark clouds of evil.

The mechanics from this popular genre are combined with first class presentation and style to offer users of iOS a unique and highly enjoyable game experience.


13 Nov 2013

Lightopus game review

One could definitely classify Lightopus as an arcade game. What is slightly genre bending about this title is the elements the developers focused on when they created it.

Item collection, indirect combat and especially the environments you find yourself in where all key features that a lot of effort was poured into. What’s incredibly important is that the game succeeds in addressing all those aspects, especially when referring to the graphics and visuals, they are incredible.

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