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Mighty Fin game review

The power behind the IOS gaming platform is undoubtedly its touch screen controls. All of the controls for any game need to be accessible through a touch screen, so its forced developers to rethink the way they lay out controls and many of these developers have opted for extremely simple touch controls as a consequence.

For some games, it has done more harm than good, but in others, it has made it a fun experience, and one of those games would definitely be Mighty Fin.

On the Wind game review

I am a fan of games which are not only addictive but make me want to compete against myself in order to try and beat my own previous score. Taking these requirements into account, this game did just this and provided for my needs perfectly.

This is a graphically beautiful creation where the player must attempt to command the wind as it accumulates and holds bits and pieces which the environment throws at it.

Air Mail

20 Apr 2014

Air Mail game review

In Air Mail you will take the role of a young child who has an ambition of being able to fly. You as the player must complete the jobs and assignments you are given by the use of your plane and whilst doing so you will get to appreciate the environments you fly by in the process.

These assignments will range from scaring away birds from the tops of buildings to collecting fish from the ocean and even include having to set off fireworks in order to cheer the town up.

Luxor Evolved game review

If one genre of game has had a long awaited comeback then this is it! Having been on the market for well over 10 years, the two main names being Luxor and Zuma are most certainly on par with each other.

Balls each with their own colouring are rolled on a path and the player must fire one of their own balls into the other ball. Rather than shooting the ball out from the centre of the path, the player’s balls are placed at the bottom end of the game.

Mega Run

29 Oct 2013

Mega Run game review

This game see the welcome comeback of the much loved Redford, who is the adorable dinosaur who features in this quirky game where he bounds around the 16 different levels each of which contains five alternate environments. 

Redford leaps and dashes around these different worlds. As with most running games of the genre, this game includes all the typical manoeuvres such as running, leaping and collecting money.

Striker Save Our Planet game review

The introduction at the beginning of the game got me interested instantly; it is only about fifteen seconds long but does exactly what it needs to do.

The pictures are amusing, accurate and do not waste time explaining the storyline. Being such a brief intro there is a great deal of room for interpretation but basically… Alien space ships are heading for Earth.

The End

28 Oct 2013

The End game review

The end is near… or so they think!

Your job in this epic blaster game is to destroy all of the space ships and asteroids from falling to the floor and destroying the ground that we live on. The End is a shooting game designed for speed and accuracy. Fast reactions are a must as it is not just a simple, mindless firing app.

Commander Pixman game review

Classic platforms games continue to flood the app store and a majority of these games are simply imitations of popular games from the past with just a few minor changes having been made to separate them. This game however is far from this and certainly could not be called an imitation.

From the outset as you switch the game on and you are introduced to the first screen you will realise that you have stumbled across something quite extraordinary and you will not be disappointed.


25 Oct 2013

Bubblin game review

Bubblin is one of those annoyingly addictive games that you start playing ‘just for five minutes’ and only realise the time an hour later.

The game is designed to be played holding the phone face up using the inbuilt tilt function to move around the screen. The basic concept is to ensure your bubble dodges the red spikes and collects the blue bubbles.

Bee Leader game review

This game puts you in the role of chief bee and as chief it is up to you to look after the hive. In order to do this job you must collect together the smaller bees which are wandering around, you must locate flower and then collect as much pollen as you physically can and take it back to the hive.

You will have to fly around your environment, locating honey and trying to stay out of the way of harmful spiders and wasps. You must attempt to do as much as you can before it turns dark and night is upon you.

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