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Save the Blowfish game review

If you want to test your strategy and speed skills in a fun way, let me give you Save the Blowfish.

This is a really fun game that will keep you having fun all the way. Here´s the background of the game. There is this nice blowfish. The big bad gangster fish wants to eat him so he needs your desperate help. What is the main purpose of the game?: Keep the blowfish within the corals.

Parchis UsuParchis game review

Are you tired of the same old boring board games that don´t seem to make the cut when it comes to entertaining you?

How about you give Parchis-Usuparchis a try? I promise you won´t regret it! You remember the loads of fun Parchis board would give you and your family? Well, now you can have that again and more with Parchis-Usuparchis! In case you do not know about this super-fun game, let me spell it out for you.

Robot Doctor game review

Robot Doctor is a game any puzzle lover like me would love.

You are supposed to step in the shoes of the doctor and try to help the several numbers of robots who have gone ill and need your sincere help. But how are you going to do that? You are required to control the nano bot so as to help your patients. There are 60 different and very challenging levels in the game which adds up to the fun.

Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions game review

In Final Fantasy Tactics you will manage a group of characters that fight for you in a turn based strategy game setting. At the beginning of each battle, you will be given time to customize your party, giving them the right equipment and skills to complete the task and win the battle.

The game was originally released in the late 1990’s for the PlayStation 1, and was meant to be a more strategy intensive take on the popular RPG franchise.  In the game you will battle in the land of Ivalice, as a young knight that gets caught in the middle of war, tragedy and conspiracy.

Shredder Chess game review

Shredder Chess is the fantastic release by the developers Eiko, Bleicher, Skizzix. com.

Shredder Chess is what the name suggests – a great Chess app. If you are a fan of chess then this is the app for you. Or even if you are new to chess but like problem solving strategic games then you should definitely give this game a try. 

Memory Battle game review

Memory Battle is an exciting matching game that is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by matching two cards with the same images on them. The cards are turned face down at the start of the game and in a completely random order. The user has to select two cards and try to match them together. If the user guess’s correctly they receive another turn.

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