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Betfair Sports Betting

This is a superior betting app. I've personally used several betting and gambling apps and this is the best one by far in my experience. It has virtually every sport being betted on today.

Basketball, Football (the American version & the rest of the world), Horse Racing, Tennis, etcetera and so on is all here to accept your wagers.



Jam City Basketball game review

During my life, I observed that there are two most popular sports for children in schools, football and basketball. Almost all urban schools that I have encountered at least definitely has a basketball court that is coupled with a mini football pitch. Well because football themed mobile game has been frequently discussed, now turn the basketball branch I get a chance to discuss. 

Wrestling Revolution (Pro) game review

As the title suggests, “Wrestling Revolution” is intent on bringing change – and that’s exactly what the game has achieved with intuitive touch-screen controls that are perfectly suited to this uniquely physical genre.

And yet if you like your wrestling “old school”, you can always switch to on-screen virtual buttons – which, along with the game’s charmingly retro 2D graphics, transport you back to the genre’s 16-bit origins.

 Kick it out! game reviewThe Multiplayer Online Football Manager for Smartphones Since May 2012, Kick it out!, the successful multiplayer online football manager for smartphones, is also available on iPhone and iPad.


As a cross platform game, Kick it out! now can be played for free on all important smartphone platforms. The game itself is designed to be played immediately.

Baseball Outs game review

Baseball Outs is a fun game for fans to play when they watch baseball.

A big part of being a baseball fan is thinking about what is going to happen next in the game. Baseball Outs turns thinking about what’s going to happen next into a game by letting fans predict the players who will record outs during an inning and compete against their friends.

FIFA 2012

30 Oct 2013

FIFA 2012 game review

EA’s sports games have undoubtedly become the top games for each sport, knocking out pretty much any rival that comes in their way. Yes there are a few that have managed to stay relevant, but for the most part, its EA’s franchises that have taken the top spot.

This could easily be said about the FIFA series of soccer games they have released. These games have been extremely dominant on home video game consoles, but it did take them some time to get the IPhone and IPad version up to par.

Baseball Superstars 2012 game review

This is a free title that places the player in the position of a team leader who is doing his best to take his team to the championship or a beginner who is making it all possible to become an ace player.

For experienced players who know the series, this 2012 app is more like a modern version than a new game.  Brighter graphics, a new motion control, makes possible an outstanding hitting and pitching experience.

PES 2013

05 Dec 2013

PES 2012 game review

Pro Evolution Soccer is a soccer game, and has some brilliant graphics. The players have been really well designed and rendered, and it’s good to see decent sprites – rather than glorifies stick men – running around a pitch.

The game modes in PES 2013 speak for themselves - you punt your virtual ball through a rich variety of leagues and championships, satisfying your love of football as you go. This game plays as well as its predecessor, with fluid action across large pitches.

Ski Challenge 12 game review

In Ski Challenge 12 you get to play a professional Alpine skier. There’s an added bonus to this game in that you can qualify for and participate in real ski tournaments.

The in-game leader board and the sense of competition adds a real excitement to proceedings. To qualify for a tournament you have to complete each course in a qualifying time, and then once you’re in, each tournament lasts for two days.

2012 London Stars game review

2012 London Stars is a fast paced trivia game about the athletes competing in the 2012 London Olympics.

The goal of this game is to answer as many questions correctly as you can on each level. There are a total of ten levels in this game, and each level has five rounds. To pass each level and advance to the next level you have to meet a minimum score requirement.

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