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Tap Match Featured

17 Jan 2015

Tap Match

Tap match is such a genius game, it will prevent you from getting bored. Ask me how? Well the game is addictive in a good way.

The game is not hard to understand and you can make a competition from it. It is always fun to beat someone else in a game. Most children but also parents/ adults like to play a game now and then.


Tap Match::By Lucent games ltd. Tap Match::By Lucent games ltd. Tap Match::By Lucent games ltd.

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The game is sort of a puzzle, you have to find the matching blocks and when you see them in a group, you have to touch them to go away.

Of course it’s about who is getting the most points that’s the fun part. When you play against someone you want to beat the other and try to beat him but also yourself.

Imagine that you are on a vacation and you are bored lying down at the pool or beach. You can play this game solo if you don’t have friends or family, it will still be fun. But if you do have a family or friends, I would say challenge them to a game because it is fun.

Imagine that you are flying to the other side of the world and you have a lot of games on your Iphone/ Ipad or Ipod touch, but you have played them all before. You can definitely enjoy yourself with this game for a couple of hours. Would you not believe me, try it yourself.

The game is free to download for all apple devices which have at least IOS 6.0 I am very sorry if you don’t have a device with that IOS because then you would not be able to play the game.

This game will be updated frequently and therefore more fun to play. This app will blow your mind, it may not a real good looking app but compared to many other apps this puzzle app is amazing.

I hope that I was clear about it, because I would like to share my experiences with you from this app. I would recommend it to a lot of people, people who travel much or people who like puzzles.

It will make you enjoy the time instead of wasting it on other apps or time you won’t use to do something useful. I hope you will enjoy the app like I did and with that being said, enjoy the puzzle.




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Download Tap Match from iTunes for free  Download Tap Match from iTunes for free     Tap Match

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