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Tentacle Wars

21 May 2014

Tentacle Wars game review

This is a game which is a good combination of both the puzzle and strategy genre.  The player must command the cells within a living thing and attempt to attack other cells.

In this instance however the warzone takes place within an organism and the combats which take place are between numerous antibodies, bacterium, cellule and embryos. The cells within the game have special limbs which are use to try and destroy one another.

As a player the feeling is created that you are in charge of a fight taking place in a warzone and you look on as to what is happening. In order to heal a particular stage the player must attempt to match all the cells to their green antibody cells. Once this has been completed then the player has in essence rescued the alien life form.

Tentacle Wars::by FDG Mobile Games Tentacle Wars::by FDG Mobile Games Tentacle Wars::by FDG Mobile Games Tentacle Wars::by FDG Mobile Games Tentacle Wars::by FDG Mobile Games

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To start a fight the player must sweep a mark from their own green cell to that of any others within reach. If the player’s cell has more strength, which can be seen by the figure on it, then they can use their limbs put stretching them further. If the player hits the opposition then they can start in combat with one another. In addition to this the play can hit a grey cell in order to accumulate it or they can hit one of their own cells and pass on strengths when required.

In order to win a fighter the cell the player is fighting with must be stronger than the strength of the opponent’s cell or it will eventually be wiped out. If however the player chooses to use two cells and attacks with limbs from these two cells then they may be in with a chance of winning as these two cells combined may be stronger than the strength of the opposition’s cell. Therefore it is vital to be strategic when deciding which form of attack to use.

The player can use the limb from their cell to attack in two separate ways. The player can either make the limb stick to the opposition’s life and suck out the life source or alternatively they can hit it in order to slice it. If the player does decide to slice then the resources from the cell go to the attacker whilst to other half do a quick fight attack the strength of which depending on what ratio of power is left. The ratio is decided on where the slice took place. If it was sliced clean in half then it would be 50 percent each way whereas if just a small segment was sliced off then the ratio would be different.

The cells have certain limitations which need to be used in a strategic manner such as the amount of antibodies contained within it and also how many connections. Whilst the limbs on the cells can be taken off in one clean swoop it is very important to get the aim just right. As mentioned before, if a clean swipe is not made and it is sliced apart than a certain amount of the power will go to the attacker and the remaining power return to the cell. In order to destroy the foreign bodies they must be attacked by the green cells. As the amount of these may be limited the game is essentially a game of numbers.

One feature which I was particularly taken too was the commentary which I really liked. This game overall is very entertaining fast response strategic game. Certain elements of the game can put it under the genre of a puzzle game but all the same it is a very good game.

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