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This Could Hurt

05 Apr 2014

This Could Hurt game review

This Could Hurt is a great puzzle game placed in a nice 3D graphic environment. It has fantastic graphics and certainly is a lot of fun to play. I would say that compared to recent puzzle games on the market recently I really do prefer this one.

The players must progress through many stages which have different types of tasks and barriers contained within them and all of which are based on a different topic.

It is very easy to play the game and all that is needed to control the screen is the use of a single button. All you have to do to draw the character within the game to a halt is press this button.

However, when you stop him you must do so at a precise moment in time to prevent him coming to harm from the various barriers throughout the game. Once you release the button then the character can begin to move again.

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Whilst the game may sound easy on account of it just having this one button, but informed that it is not. This game, whilst highly entertaining does present many challenges.

The stages in the game have been created with a high degree of talent which offer a adrenaline rushed challenge which revolves around completely the puzzles in a certain amount of time allowed.

Completing the stage however is not enough. You will be graded on your abilities and how well you did whilst completing the stage. You will be rated on two points, the first being how quickly you managed to finish the stage and secondly, you will be graded on how much damage you managed to avoid causing. The initial stages are relatively easy and you can zoom through these without drawing to a halt and receiving the bonus prize, however as the stages progress they become more difficult and this will not be possible. More often than not you will find that you die before completing the stage. After completion of the initial stages it will dawn on you just how hard this game actually is.

In order to successfully complete a stage will require a lot of strategic thinking. The player must use their memory skills, have a lot of willingness to endure and be prepared for a lot of trial and error.

If you can managed to finish a stage in rapid time and without being hit then you will be award with a bonus prize of additional acorns which you can use as money in order to purchase extra powers. The additional powers will assist you in achieving a higher score, and purchasing and collecting these acorns will ultimately assist your progress through the game.

Although the player has the assistance of the acorns, they will still find that regardless this game is a really difficult challenge albeit intense. Precision in time is essential in order to successfully make it through the stages without dying.

Within the game there is occasionally the odd secret stage which can be discovered if you are inquisitive enough to look for them. However as the later levels become more difficult this may become less entertaining to find them.

This game appears categorically fantastic regardless of the device you play it on. To further enhance this is the fact that each of the four stages are based on a different topic however the third stage must be unlocked. They all have different tasks and obstacles which must be defeated. Some of the topics remind me of other popular games such as the forest sequence in Great Deku tree. There are also derelict buildings, snow and volcano puzzle stages. The game is further complimented by its amazing music which is tailored perfectly to suit the theme of each game.

The illustrations are sublime and also suit each topic perfectly. This game is a little gem which I enjoyed very much. The challenges are out of this world yet clear. If as a player you like puzzle games which test you to the max but yet remaining highly entertaining, then This Could Hurt is the one for you.

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