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This to That

06 Mar 2014

This to That game review

A few days back, I tumbled across this super exciting game which has gripped me in its magic and made me get addicted to it. Can you guess that game?

It’s a word puzzle game which may sound similar to the thousands of other word puzzle games but is in fact very different and challenging game.

The name of the game is This to That which is available on iTunes and can be downloaded on the iPhone and iPad and the newer version is specially made compatible with iOS 7 because of huge demand.

This to That::By Mobile Magic Developers This to That::By Mobile Magic Developers This to That::By Mobile Magic Developers

This to That screenshots

So what’s This to That is about? How to play this game? The challenge in this game makes it different from other typical word games. The objective is to turn a four letter word into some other word, but the challenging part is that you can change only one letter at a time to make a new word from the already present word and yes, you can use only valid words.

This game is certainly going to test your vocabulary skills and what I liked about this game is that you can either play it yourself or invite your friends online and compete with them. The interface of this game has been my favorite part as it supports all my iDevices – my iPhone and iPad too.

Also, it’s customizable, which makes it more awesome. You can use custom colors or some different kind of myriad backgrounds, or overlays to make the interface look more personalized. If you want to change the theme of This to That, you would need to open the drawer present at the bottom of the main menu.

Here you can view your achievements made so far in the game and also you can access the help page in case you are finding any difficulty. I would really suggest you to check the help page even if you don’t need it.

It’s cool. The game is best when you’re playing in multiplayer mode. It’s fun to challenge your friends and the overall experience becomes extra amazing. I have played in both ways – alone and in multiplayer mode and the latter one is seriously awesome and fun, but playing in multiplayer mode would need you to invite your friends for not many people are available online to play this game.

I would suggest you to play in multiplayer mode and see the difference. If you love the game in single player mode, which you would obviously do, you would lust the multiplayer mode. It’s really amazing.

The wordlist of This to That is very fast and it would also help you to boost up your vocabulary. You can learn new words in a fun manner. This to That isn’t just a fun filled entertaining game but it is also a good learning experience.

I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone. If you have an iOS device, download this game right now for your device is incomplete without this game. Download it as soon as possible. It’s good.

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