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Throw Em Balls

25 Dec 2013

Throw Em Balls game review

Throw Em Balls is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

It is a game that combines accuracy, hand-eye coordination and sports into an annoyingly addictive, extremely interesting and very enjoyable application. The basic idea of the game is to score as many points as possible. This is achieved by throwing the different types of balls into the correct goals. More points are scored for getting direct hits.

Points will still be awarded if the ball bounces into the bag or deflects off another object and goes into the correct bag. The gameplay is extremely challenging but has very simple controls.

Throw Em Balls::By Dean Wronowski Throw Em Balls::By Dean Wronowski Throw Em Balls::By Dean Wronowski Throw Em Balls::By Dean Wronowski Throw Em Balls::By Dean Wronowski

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Press down where the ball is on the screen and drag back to create a dotted white line, this is the power bar. The further back the line goes the more powerful the ball will launch from its current position.

There are a total of five levels to master; each level gives similar points and rewards. The main difference on each level is the type of ball that is being used. The game uses a realistic physics engine that applies noticeable differences on each level.

The basketball is light, flies through the sky and bounces very well. The golf ball is small, heavy and does not bounce much at all. The user will need to take these changes into consideration when lining up to take each shot.

Throw Em Balls has achievements that can be accessed through the Game Centre. The achievements are just as exciting and provide an extra feeling of success when completing one of these bonus challenges.

Attempting to reach the leader board and get a top score will keep gamers playing the various levels in an effort to try and achieve this as well as gaining all of the points that are available for hours on end.

The graphics are impressive and look very realistic. As the user enters the first level there is a quick guide that explains how to play the game. The current score and count down timer are always located in the centre of the screen; it has a faded effect and does not get in the way of playing.

The player’s highest score is located at the top left with the pause and menu button located across the very top of the screen. Overall this is a very challenging game; it uses a very precise game engine and requires exact angles and power to get high scores and good results.

Throw Em Balls is very addictive and because of the simple controls it is suitable for all age groups, however, young children may lose interest due to the complexity of scoring points. The graphics are absolutely superb and very detailed.

The game also runs very smoothly and has decent sound effects that, which are specific to each level. The background music has a simple techno theme and can be changed in the options if required. I would personally recommend this game to any gamer that likes a challenge and is willing to spend time on learning the mechanics of the different levels.

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