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Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes

24 Sep 2013

Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes game review

iPhone 5 has provided a wide range of apps to its users. Though there are a lot of games in the App Store but the new Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes is really a wonderful game.

It is interesting and full of fun to act as the commander of Tiny Defenders of 34 kinds. You have to fight against the unrelenting, violent but humorous Slimes of 26 types.

You can get the help of Colonel Khorn but the Slimes have multiple choices to attack the Defenders. The player has to search out the Slimes like Indy, Yucky, Blimp, Zeppelin, Shinobi, and Slimebie.

Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes::By robert enriquez Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes::By robert enriquez Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes::By robert enriquez Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes::By robert enriquez Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes::By robert enriquez

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The B3 Slimy comes to attack in the last level. The game is hard-hitting as you cannot find the place to hide. You have to get power by using Bombs, Snipers, Landmines, Spring Traps, Light Infantry, Archers, Mortars, Airplane and Rocket Infantry etc.

Moreover the Awesome Electron Cannon can be your most influential weapon. There is no need to get worried as the game is awe-inspiring. In fact, Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes is an action strategy based game similar to Plants vs Zombies, where the player has to use the varieties of Defenders to hold back the fast moving Slimes.

I like this game genre quite a lot, and is great to play on iPhone or iPad devices. There are 50 great levels of this game and you have to make strategies for Fog, Day, Rain, Night and Grass land maps. You can enjoy the beautiful beach at Lava Sand and order the guard to look after the Ghetto town.

Unlike, other games, it is full of events and each level has variety of features. The game is more than just fighting; it has puzzle work as well. If you like to earn minerals or coins, you can answer the unknown words.

The mystery words have hidden meaning and the player has to guess the right answer to boost up the energy level. Actually, the Slimes are clever and shrewd species. They can surprise you by riding a fast speed motorcycle, Commanding an army Tank or driving a Mini.

They are like Ninja masters and are marvelous athletes. Some of them can attack you by living underground and others try to harm you while staying at sky. In fact, Slimes are master in all arts and you can expect anything under the sun from them.

See! It is not a simple kid’s game, it needs proper planning and techniques to win all levels. The Defenders have magical powers like Liquid Nitrogen to still the Slimes, Champion Boxer to knock down and Sniper Girl to attack 1 Hit Kill.

In order to combat, the Defenders can upgrade their level. They can increase Drill time, Health, and ammo etc. You can overcome the mighty Slimes by training the Defenders as well. Increase your level or health and purchase Electron cannon.

There are lots of different strategies in Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes and it is a tactic game that will keep you playing for days. Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes works with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad and iPod touch version as well.

You can download more features from App Store. Though the game is free to enjoy but some of its features can be purchased. It has attracted all the age groups to play the unique and amusing game. If you are a fan of action strategy games then this is certainly a game for you.

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