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Tiny Rider

17 Sep 2013

Tiny Rider game review

Take to the skies and fly your favourite aircraft in this thrilling game that is compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Tiny Rider is an awesome flying game designed that tests your reaction time and accuracy. It is great fun for all of the family and is suitable for children and adults alike. The simple controls and cartoon style graphics make it very appealing to all players eager to take part in flying games.

As the application is first opened the user is prompted to choose a type of aircraft they wish to start with. There is a choice of six aircraft, ranging from jumbo jets to bi-planes.

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Each aircraft has a bonus, for example the jet has high speed. On the other hand there is always an adverse side effect, for example, large fuel consumption. As the player cycles through the planes they have to decide what they think is best, or just go for their favourite aeroplane!

If the player wants to buy a different aircraft at a later stage they can. All of the vehicles are available to purchase with in-game gold via the ‘plane’ tab in the store. Once the plane has been selected the app will automatically take you to the upgrade screen and award you with some in-game gold to spend.

You can collect more gold as you play, or purchase it from the store icon on the main menu. Upgrades consist of speed increase, length of special effects and speed boosts. Each can be upgraded five times, every upgrade will cost more gold which makes it harder to apply the high rank improvements.

As the aircraft is improved it makes the game easier to progress through, achieve higher scores and earn more gold on each flight. When all of the necessary upgrades have been purchased the game will start.

The aeroplane the user has selected will start on the floor, tap and hold the screen to raise the aircraft into the sky. The vehicle will keep on rising until the user takes their finger off the screen.

As this happens the plane will lower at an increasing rate. The idea of the game is to dodge other aeroplanes and airships flying towards the players aircraft. Hoops will give bonus points and multipliers.

Coins are collected to upgrade the aeroplane after each flight. Power-ups can also be captured to increase the fuel tank, give a nitro boost and add a magnet to the vehicle to attract coins that are close by.

Each power-up can be helpful for different situations. The aeroplane will fly gently to the floor as the fuel tank reaches zero. The screen will show the score sheet for the flight. There are three types of top-scores - coins collected, hoops gathered and overall score.

They can be posted to the Game Centre and friends can compete to achieve the highest rank. This game is addictive and has many features to unlock as the player progresses. The graphics flow nicely and the controls are simple to understand.

Tiny Rider is a relaxing game to play and the top gamers can also compete via the scoreboard in the Game Centre.

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