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Tiny Wings

13 Dec 2013

Tiny Wings game review

Tiny Wings is all about a bird who is desperate to fly, and plans to spend his entire day trying. Because of his small wings, though, he will spend most of his time sliding across the ground, but if you can give him enough momentum, he’ll fly for short distances before coming back to earth.

You help him to fly by tapping the screen to make his wings tuck in for his dives, and let go of the screen to make his little wings flap. 

Tiny Wings can’t fly on his own yet, but he’s very good at diving to the ground, and it’s this ability that you use to launch him upwards again. If you send him into a dive at a suitable bit of landscape, the  get him to flap and rise at the right time, he’ll become airborne.

Tiny Wings::by Andreas Illiger Tiny Wings::by Andreas Illiger Tiny Wings::by Andreas Illiger Tiny Wings::by Andreas Illiger Tiny Wings::by Andreas Illiger

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You have to work out the relationship between momentum, speed and timing. You use this expertise to fly forward as far and as fast as possible, earning as many points as you can before sundown. You’ll find coins as you travel that will give you bonus points or extra speed. You’ll also get extra points for maintaining momentum, achieving clean launches and for launching high enough so that you touch the clouds.

Tiny Wings is engaging and satisfying because it’s based on momentum and keeping a flow going. When you’re on a roll, it feels great, and you can feel and see yourself improving as you get your speed, timings and momentum just right. You also get lots of rewards for practicing and playing. If you complete various objectives, like collecting a set number of coins in one game, you can unlock extra nests, which increase your starting score multiplier.

Each round starts at sun-up, and your score depends on how far you can get before the sun sets. Collecting coins or using the curves of the hills to your best advantage also adds to your score and increases your speed. The landscape is made up of a series of islands that are procedurally generated and change in real time. The objectives you will need to complete to upgrade your nests will change after each upgrade, and this adds a lot of interest and aims to the game for you.

It’s simple gameplay, but it’s nigh-on sublime. There’s just something about Tiny Wings that you can’t put your finger on. It’s a total delight to play, and you will just fall in love with Tiny Wings. He’s a plump little bird, but he’s dead set on flying, and you’ll share his triumph every time he soars. It’s a real blast to hit a few perfect slopes in a row, gather speed and take to the air.

This game could make it really big. It’s got clever gameplay, a real sweetheart of a character and a stunning visual style. These are the classic elements of a massive hit along the lines of Angry Birds.

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