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Tip-Off BasketBall

11 Sep 2013

Tip-Off BasketBall game review

Tip off Basketball comes from the developers IOPixel and is a little gem of an app!

There are a lot of basketball games on the market so I was not expecting to be as impressed as I was with this game. Once I started to play I became so engrossed I could not put it down. It really is a work of genius. To start with the game can be played in two different contents which are career and network.

The career content is massive! From what I could gather there are in excess of 40 stages and you have to attain achievements and these hit the 100 figure mark easily.

Tip-Off BasketBall::By IOPixel Tip-Off BasketBall::By IOPixel Tip-Off BasketBall::By IOPixel Tip-Off BasketBall::By IOPixel

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In this particular mode you can practice and strengthen your basket ball abilities by trying to perform trick shots to precision. If you do really well you also have the chance to earn your place in the world renowned “Hall of Fame”. I really couldn’t put the game down once I started as I constantly wanted to improve.

The game gets the adrenaline pumping and you really connect with it. The second mode available is the network mode. In this mode you can challenge other players. It is better to polish up your skills first of all in the career mode but once you learn the basics you can try and beat the other players which is really great fun and brings out your competitive side.

If you are a competitive person by nature then be prepared to be spending a lot of time on this game. On both modes you are given the opportunity to earn coins however on this particular mode the opportunity is more so as there are sporadically placed addition rounds and it is during these rounds that you really can earn the big money!

There is an openfeint friend list and it is on this that you can get your friends involved too and really step up the pace. It is one thing to beat an opponent but when it’s a real life friend then it really becomes a challenge and personal!. I loved this element of the game and it just made me want to play over and over again.

Very addictive indeed. Controls are very simple and easy to use with nothing too overly complicated. Graphics are superb and just add to the entertainment element perfectly. Once you have accumulated enough coins you can spend these in the shop to purchase new items.

With the option of a single player element or a multiplayer element there is something to suit you mood and the personal preferences of all players. Within the training section there is also a timed section which again adds to the adrenaline and makes you want to work harder and harder so you really do perform to the best of your ability.

The backgrounds of the game are really good and quirky. I especially liked the SciFi and California ones. All in all this is a fabulous game. I could not put it down. If you have an addictive personality then say good bye to your life !

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