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Toad Slash

24 May 2013

Toad Slash game review

Toad Slash is a slash style game where the user has to score points by cutting the objects that jump into view.

This game is designed for iPhone and iPad it will also work with iPod Touch. It requires iOS 3 or later to run. Upon opening the game the main screen looks very interesting.

The game is Halloween themed and has scary music and a spooky outside scene with various ghouls and night time creatures flying in the background.

Toad Slash::By Brendan Prebble Toad Slash::By Brendan Prebble Toad Slash::By Brendan Prebble Toad Slash::By Brendan Prebble

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Credits are available by selecting the gravestone and sound can be turned on and off in the top right corner. Start a new game by clicking on the frog at the bottom of the screen. When starting a new game the screen will clear and the background will alter slightly, giving a full scene of a graveyard.

Witches and demons still float around in the background and random screams and shrieks can be heard while playing the game. Various creatures like ugly toads, tadpoles, fish and more will float onto the screen, at varying speeds and angles.

The idea of the game is to cut them in half with the use of one finger and swiping through the animals. The swipe can be in any direction and any length. Combo points are awarded for cutting more than one creature with a single slash.

The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible. The game ends when the player accidently slashes a pumpkin, the pumpkins appear just like the other animals on the screen. It is the user’s job to dodge the pumpkins and avoid slashing them in half.

It will also end if too many items drop off the screen without being slashed into two pieces. When the pumpkins fall off the screen they do not count against the player. A gigantic pumpkin will appear and the screen will explode, the scores will be added up with the option to share on Facebook or re-try the level.

As the game continues the creatures fly faster, appear smaller and more evil pumpkins are introduced, making it harder to get combo points and slash through the game. The level can never be completed so the aim is to simply score as many points as possible before making a mistake.

This may sound easy but gets progressively harder the longer the game is played. Overall this game is highly addictive and fun to play. Toad Slash is based around a Halloween theme and the gameplay might be slightly too daunting for young children to play.

For adults, this adds depth and keeps players interested in trying to beat their top score. The game plays very smoothly and the slashes are accurate and precise. The graphics are good with blood effects enabled and can be quite gruesome to watch on high combo slashes.

The sounds are continuously spooky and in theme with Halloween, from the witches cackle to the sound of animals getting sliced in half! Overall this is an extremely fun and imaginative game to play.

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