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Total War Battles

09 Sep 2013

Total War Battles game review

This game is based on a warzone spreading across Japan. The game itself is a very controllable 2D fighting game. It is up to you to decide when your team should go and fight and once this is done they are only allowed to advance or move to an adjoining side.

Whilst this game is slightly complicated it is also very realistic and believable. It requires all of your attention as the slightest mistake may mean the end of the game and you having to start all over again.

A true warrior never gives up so once the fighting starts there is no stopping. The player has a team to control which are made up of different combinations of fighters with different abilities such as sword fighters, men on horse back, those with weapons such as bow and arrows etc. You as the player much go in search for additional supplies and attempt to increase your team of fighters whilst combat takes place.

Total War Battles::by SEGA Total War Battles::by SEGA Total War Battles::by SEGA Total War Battles::by SEGA Total War Battles::by SEGA

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This game has comparisons to other strategic games in relation to its operatives, however on a smaller and easier scale. This simplification of well known methods however do seem to work very well in this game. Constructions must be raised in this game putting it lightly in the genre of a puzzler game as you must as a player make the decision where to put certain shapes and items. It can be said that this part of the game is sort of an additional game within a game with the chance to raise extra points and upgrades. You must be on your toes however to keep up with this game. You must be very strategic in making a competent team as the stronger your team is can make all the difference. Whilst a bit gruesome, watching the fighters inflict injuries upon one another is very entertaining.

Whilst the content of the game is far from original it does its job satisfactorily and gives the player a chance to create chaos upon the opposition. Another attraction to this game has to be the lovely graphics. Whilst it is not at the top of its league illustration wise, it can still hold its own and has some very lovely and impressive illustrations particularly with regards to the fights and climate changes. In addition to this the game is complimented by a good voice over and back ground music.

The assignment contained within the game requires the player to advance along a number of grips in order to track down the opposition. The maps contain only a certain amount of area in which you can construct things and manoeuvre your team around. The initial fights in the warzone can seem a bit squeezed with little room for manoeuvre also. However it is quite a satisfying feeling running from the frontline and back to the base. Another limitation to the game is the fact that the teams can only move from side to side so it is impossible to backtrack. Staying put or advancement is the only option.

This is where the game encroaches onto the puzzle genre. Your job as a player is to place your men strategically against the opposition. These movements are quite simple and due to the layout of the game it is quite easy to see what is going on mid fight in the warzone which is enhanced by the lovely illustrations making it all seem real.

A lot of the assignments start with the player having to put their buildings down on the warzone. They have to be placed strategically since they effect provisions so it may be best not to bunch them all together.

This particular game is not the sort where you can start fighting immediately. You must consider your options and plan ahead what the best for of attack and defence is. If you do not make intelligent decisions then you will find yourself having to start over all again. If you are a fan of strategic games then this is definitely a game for you.

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